PC M&Kb scuffed test

Disclaimer: M&Kb has a CLEAR advantage. I do believe it is exaggerated a bit but it is there in some important areas. This little experiment was in the span of maybe four hours.

TLDR: M&Kb is the future :slight_smile:

I recently returned to this game and have always used a controller but I have been seeing a lot of talk about M&Kb. I decided try it for myself, here are my opinions and thoughts.

Initially I thought it would take a lot of effort to feel any sense of comfortability on m&kb from controller but it worked out well and I was in quick match completely dominating within an hour or two. With that being said it’s quick match I’m sure I wasn’t playing very good players. I think these results were for the most part from the game sense I already have. I wasn’t better than I would be on a controller per se but I could see clear differences in what I could do on each.

Let me start by saying I use a 240hz monitor and I average that or more in FPS easily on medium settings so I already have advantages over a console player whether I use M&Kb or a controller. With that being said the FPS advantage has diminishing returns and your biggest difference by a large margin is the 60-144 FPS range. Someone with a series X has a sizable advantage over someone with a last gen Xbox.

First thing I noticed were Up A’s and Back A’s are pretty awkward on M&Kb, Controller me would destroy M&Kb me in an over the cover fight based off that alone but I think this may just be a me problem where I just need practice. I also did not like the auto camera? Not sure if that’s the word for it but it would auto center you and felt really awkward when trying to look around for information.

Movement wise, M&Kb is pretty cracked and I think the ability to remap all of your binds in a way that not even an elite controller can do is to blame. Customizability is king. The speed you can 180 or just flick someone is pretty nuts.

Everybody knows M&Kb is more accurate than a controller and that was clear as day. Any medium or long range weapon I picked up felt natural to shoot and easy to track shots with.

This is on going and I will continue to practice to see if I can ascend to godhood. So far I don’t think it makes anyone all of the sudden good at the game. I think it takes a player who is already somewhat knowledgeable and skilled and makes them a more consistent player and that is an advantage. Though I still believe the best players you can run into in a competitive settings are on controller.

A good player is a good player, regardless of controller or keyboard.

It’s all excuses for incompetence.


Nope a good controller player and a mouse and key player the mouse will win. Put the same two on controller and the controller player would win. There’s a big advantage to using mouse and key. Literally every top gears controller player has confirmed this and mouse and key will remained banned from competing for money because of this. Maybe you just use mouse and key and you’re not very good so you feel it’s even. But plug in a controller and see how much worse you are.


So I actually made the switch to mouse and keyboard myself recently (maybe you’ve seen my threads on it?) and had a very similar experience as you. As I’ve said other places, I ended up using a hybrid of mouse and controller. This way, I had superior movement and superior aiming. However, this isn’t exactly ideal. Your bindings are severely limited, and miss rolling is a significant issue. As such, I do plan on making the full switch to m&k in the near future. I think once I get more comfortable with a mouse that switch will be relatively easier.


Yeah I read your post, it actually contributed to me trying M&Kb out for myself.

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My point was it isn’t a guarantee route to godhood. It has several advantages but even those take effort to get used to. I’ve seen plenty of terrible PC players.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I use, and always will use, a controller on a console.