PC M&K Players: GNASHER bullet magnetism trashed again?

After TC activated gnasher bullet magnetism 2 or 3 weeks ago for PC Players , the gnasher felt finally fine for me and I realized how insane the disadvantage was against console players and I could finally compete.

Now, yesterday I played some ranked and the gnasher feels trashed again. I hardly get some kills, if my opponent isn’t a total amateur. While opponent still instant gib me from far away I deal 60-80% from the same distance. The same distance which felt fantastic the last weeks. And even from close range I need two shots again to down (not gibbing) my enemy.

So think, while they were figuring around with the gnasher for the latest update, they trashed bullet magnetism for PC players again.

Does anyone notice the same?

Can’t say I’ve noticed

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Definitely trashed. Played ranked the whole day and the gnasher is nothing but a toy torpedo. No bullet magnetism at all, not even nearly. The last 2 or 3 weeks I did well, gnasher felt good, and now it’s useless like it was on day one. I did not become a total noob overnight.
Speaking of PC mouse and keyboard. Gnasher is ridiculous useless.

I mean they said there was a bullet magnetism bug shortly after launch of the update and they corrected it. So it depends what time you played i guess.

Jesus, I knew it. Ty very much <3

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I play pc and controller. To be honest I can’t tell anymore. The servers are so bad it’s hard to tell. One match your shot gun feels good. Bullets are doing it’s job. Next match I can’t hit anything for the life of me with perfect aiming.

Wow, they hot-fixed it this time. Didn’t have to wait an entire month after they discovered it! lmao


Yeah i cant believe it! Im actually impressed!

Well, you know…if they were to write a goddamned test for it…