PC Look Sensitivity Bug?

Hey there! I play all of my games at 400 DPI, and despite turning up my look sensitivity to 30, the game feels sluggish and slow to turn. Having scoured the forum, I can’t seem to find anyone else with this same issue of sensitivity feeling slow at the max setting, and from youtubing various pc sensitivity videos, individuals also playing at 400 DPI have their sensitivity settings for look, move and zoom all set to 5 or 6 with no issue, yet for me, that would make the game unplayable. Is this a game bug, windows bug or something other. Ideally, I would not want to bump my DPI up to 800 as the speed ramp is excessive and disproportionate as an arm aimer. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any feedback would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


This also happens to me, and i cannot find a fix

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Im having the same issue i run 400 dpi and have to use my whole mouse mat to do a 180 degree spin even on max sensitivity when it should be over 360 degree spin .

Running 800 dpi till there is a fix for but even then still running 30 all the way down the sensitivities.

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Similar issue, running at 1000 polling rate and 22 22 24 in game with 1000dpi (pretty common for me as I tweak down in game . . .usually) it’s extremely slow. I have an xxl roccat mat and the 1 to 1 on viewport is ok, albeit slow but anything outside of the current camera angle (center third for say sake) is ridiculous.
I play slot of FPS titles and this is really bad, I don’t know if it’s a poor port from stick sensitivity or what. Playing campaign like this isn’t so bad, but any other game mode is not a good experience.

I’m really surprised noone is really taking about this in my humble opinion.

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Its the same on console. I think its an camera and animation issue in general

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Didnt play versus for a while, but yesterday spot this bug in a campaign. Turn on 30-30-30 is very slow. Playing on Xbox One with controller.

tagging boss just in case :slight_smile: @N0DEZER0

That’s odd, because I play on the same sensitivities as I did in Gears 4(17-15-15) and I noticed no change at all in aiming using a controller.

The worst part of playing with a controller is when it feels heavy and sluggish. And you maxxed out all number on everything you can. I have an elite and tried to max out the inputs on it… All other games become super crazy responive… But with Gears 5…
The only effect you will get is an broken controller. Because you have to over use it to have any input at all. All other games is playable… This game is made to break your controller by playing it.

Well i Play on 30-30-25 - 10

have u encounteres any solution to this? its super annoying

@N0DEZER0 any help¿