PC Keybinds Issue (Campaign/Horde/Escape)

Log story short, certain keybinds aren’t working (or are still their default even when I’ve remapped) in PvE gamemodes. I’ve seen the scrollwheel issue discussed several times, but nothing like what I’m experiencing.

For a point of reference, I’m an ESDF (instead of WASD) player, so I usually do a full rebind to whatever I find best for that shifted hand position. Let’s start with Campaign since that’s where the more interesting issues are.

Skiff Controls
Since I move with ESDF, naturally the Skiff would be moved with those keys, and they are. Except for forward. W is still forward and E is still disembark. So while on the Skiff my movement becomes WSDF. This is the weirdest thing that’s happening when I play.

Only issues come from playing as Jack, nothing out of the ordinary otherwise. Trying to drop weapons I pick up doesn’t work no matter how many times I press the key. I have it bound to Y, commanding Jack works fine while playing Campaign.

Similar issue to playing as Jack, but with Ultimates. I have it bound to Q, but doesn’t work. I’ve tried rebinding but still doesn’t work.

If I plug in a controller, all these issues go away, but ideally I’d like to avoid that.

One issue I had with keybinds was the ultimate ability in Escape. I read in another thread that resetting controller layout to default would resolve the issue (even though I was using a keyboard) and it did in fact work. Can you try this troubleshooting method? Slim chance but maybe it will work.

It worked! For Escape and Horde Ultimates anyway. I didn’t get a chance to boot up campaign yet, but I would assume Skiff controls are fixed as well. Thanks for the tip, really weird that resetting controller to default is the fix for that.

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