PC keybind bug with skiff

I’m an ESDF player with mouse and keyboard on the PC for Gears 5, and my remapped controls were working great (besides some incorrect key prompts), but now that I reached the story point where I’m supposed to drive the skiff, I basically can’t. The UI says to use E to go forward with the skiff and S and F to steer left and right (as it should) but the actual function is nothing like that. Instead, it appears that W is forward and S is both brake and turn left simultaneously, and F is the only correct one in that it turns right. It’s always frustrating when keys don’t do what the game says it should , and I’ve been using these keys since Quake – too old to change! :slightly_smiling_face: I hope there’s a keybind fix soon!

Dan Drew

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I have same issue, still not working till Dec 2021

@TC_Clown think you can help with this?