[PC] Is there is something wrong with my game?

I have been playing since beta, I had bought the game on XBOX (Ultimate version).
Then I played the Beta a few times…then I didn’t have time because of work and I sold my XBOX not long after.

Then I just had time to check on it so I reactivate my membership and then I realized that the game transaction …was refused on my card for some reason and then… so I had to re-buy the game (Ultimate but I bought it on PC store.).

I’m not sure anymore but I remember the game having lots of skins no?
Or is it me confusing with Gears of War 4? You guys removed all the skins? or I’m having an issue because I see everybody with the same guns? and when I check my skins they are blacked out? I can’t change them?

Anyway… Now I have Game Pass PC and the game also…
but I have been playing for two days now and I seem to get EXP and some rewards for ribbons when I do Versus.
I also my thingy that you get each games doesn’t seem to augment. … Is it me or the game is bugged ? Because I even re-installed the game directly I had bought it…

I’m so confuse, does it have lots of skins for weapons and characters like gears 4 ???

You have to earn them through either the progression system called Tour of duty(basically a battle pass) by doing daily challeges or completing seasonal medals which yields you stars towards rank…or earn some characters through a new system called “totems”…or you just buy them in the store with iron which cost real money. If you are just starting, there will be some gun and character skins you cant get as they were specific to Tour of duty 1. Good luck

So I barely get EXP/Points for doing versus ? I leveled up very slowly and I’m supposed to have the 30 boost on and it still doesn’t seem to give me my rewards or something looks like it’s not getting me anything… the only thing that seem to count are the ribbons I get each games that somehow made me levelled just a few (3 or 5) levels after playing like for 4 or 6 hours of KOTH yesterday. and wining like 3/4 of them…I played around 3 or 4 hours of most Free For All also… and I seem to level the rank and get ribbons but doesn’t get EXP fast enough…

It’s way too slow it looks like I’m not getting enough EXP or the games doesn’t count but somehow the ribbon does?

Also, I tried to join Campaign games and each time it resulted in visual glitch or like if the other are playing and I’m somehow glitched somewhere…

Game is fundamentally wrong & broken.


You don’t get rewards for xp. Just level up with xp. The only rewards you will get for xp is reups at level 100. Like I said, it is called tour of duty. Its just like a battle pass. You get 3 daily tour of duty missions., and 1 free re-roll if you finish one or don’t like one. You can get additional missions for iron. Every daily mission has an allotment of stars assigned to the quest. With boost, you get double stars. There is a “My Tour” tab somewhere. Im on Xbox. Not Pc. So not sure where to tell you to look. But its there and easy to find. Every "new rank"gets you a new “reward item”. You complete a “rank” by filling in the required # of stars by completing your daily missions. Your game isn’t bugged, nor is the game fundamentally broken. I like the tour of duty. Its easy, simple, and straight forward. Just look for it. Its there.

Not sure What You mean by “campaign games”. You tried to play the campaign? And it was visually glitched?

Yep, exactly… but even EXP at the end of a game, even most of the time I’m at the bottom and get some kills in versus no matter, just by judging by how much I got in the past 2 days … it would take me 2 or 3 years to reach Level 100…and do a Re-Up…

There is something f* wrong with this game and if it’s not fix I’m asking for a refund…

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Sounds like something is wrong…have you tried uninstalling and re-installing?

I usually level up pretty fast with boost…every 15. To 20 minutes…

Just do yourself a favor and dont play it. If you want characters or skins you have too buy them or geind a rediculous amount too get them. Clearly tc made the grind so insane too force people too buy them. ■■■■■■■■■ battle pass ive seen yet. The whole game is a slog with generally bad content.

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