PC Internet Drops / Connection Issues

This is the only game I have connection issues with.

Rubbing banding, connection drops and this game even disconnects my PC internet! Party chat disconnects. It’s like an Internet overloads but other devices are fine.

I’ve port forwarded, reset router, made sure firewall is allowing the game… I’m having a headache getting stressed just trying to play with friends.

My ping is low and is lower than my friends and party. I’m at whits end trying to figure this out… Anyone got any recommendations?

Again, no other issue with ANY other game on my PC / Steam. Seems forum posts with same issue but no real answer.

Have you tried hard wiring pc direct to modem and rebooting both to see if that does anything ?.

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I use wireless, may have to find a way to hard wire my PC room is other side of house.

I tiree turning off my firewall completely and had no issues last night. This problem is intermittent, it’s really strange.

I used to have a similar problem when I installed the full software package for a usb wireless key, I uninstalled the software package and reinstalled just the driver which pretty much fixed it for me and I got better speeds too.
Have you also assigned the pc a static ip ?.

I can’t waiiiiiiiittttttt until I relaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeee

Ethernet cables can run 100 meters (328 feet) without signal loss. should be plenty.

I would also bring your PC into the room with the router and test it. it might not be a simple wired vs wireless problem.