(PC) I can't create a looking for group post

I never have any problems with creating a LFG post on Xbox, but when I try on PC, everytime I got this error: There was a problem posting your Looking for Group.

I usually don’t use LFG so I don’t know what could be the problem

PC disadvantage 3,479, @SnubbbS

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Noticed the group I am in that had a lot of LFG showed no activity on PC. Could be a platform issue.

Is this for PvP or PvE ? :eyes:

Honestly I feel like this goes in the advantage category.

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Mostly PvE. I’m trying to catch up with maps on 1-50 horde.

I don’t know if it’s better going solo for PvP if you do a LFG and got players like me or worse (Best placement in PvP ever was Onyx on Gears 4, and only 1 time lol)

Usually who end up teaming with … have not met a lot of what I’d consider good players in LFG.

But have made some cool friends from it.