[PC] GFX card turns itself off on match load with new nvidia driver

This is the exact same sh*t that we had with gears 4 last time, crashing/freezing on match load or after a few waves in horde.
This is exactly what I was expecting as it was never fixed in gears 4.

Funny thing is that “Unoptimized” drivers (drivers not designed to work with gears 5) aka the one’s pre-launch worked fine as stability-wise the game worked better during early-release week than it does now, I was hitting 210-230fps on 2k with max settings when I could play, now it’s not because of server issues by driver issues specific to gears.

I guess it’s 2 years of “We’re still working on it” again, also going back to old driver should not be an acceptable solution, this was proposed to play gears 4 and now we’re 2,5 years later since the issue first occured and it’s still the main solution, which is utterly ridiculous since those old drivers have massive effect on other games, like with the drivers from 2017 in state of decay 2 the FPS is horrible, but with newer ones it’s as smooth as butter.

I was already done with this game, I did my playthrough, nothing to shabby, nothing to keep me interested either, figured I’d come back for the double progress on ToD, but only to find the same incompetence when it comes to making the game work properly with drivers.