Pc gears of war 4 other cheaters aimbot

The last time I reported a hacker you all said it was a server problem, ridiculous,
This game is a shame, The Coalition is a shame, not able to program anti cheat for this game,good view of the clip, and do not give any problems to the server !!!


Im pretty sure TC takes cheaters/aimbots seriously. You will have to direct message them on @CoalitionGears or alternatively get one of the @forum-mods to pass on the footage to TC.

Also just so your aware, naming and shaming any potiential aimbotters is against the forum rules since it can lead to player harassment. I would remove that video from the post if I were you.

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Send it to them on twitter…

But send them a better video… cus I don’t even know what the hell I just watched.



Seriously, don’t let these hackers ruin crossplay for you. They aren’t as common as people around here make them out to be. Although there is a good chance you’ll be matched up against them again. Just take that opportunity to record proof like the video you just provided.

Amen and goodluck brother!

Please, Microsoft and Coalition, the players games needs anti-cheat NOW! This is not possible is a big ■■■■.

please stop it

Damn that dude has some serious skill with that Markza

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Damn this dude uses aimbot

maybe he has really good aim using a mouse

For future reports always send a DM to @Coalitiongears on twitter, or PM a mod with video proof and we’ll make sure it gets up for investigation.
That being said I will provide the video link to TC.

Thank you.