PC - Gears 5 is crashing just after the Coalition loading screen. 7/19/20

Game was working okay this afternoon and then I restarted to apply Windows 10 1909 (18363.959) update. A Microsoft Store Package Dependency Installer pops up, doesn’t matter whether I choose Yes or No, it crashes every time. I cannot run it from my start menu as well. The MS store says I have to repair it so I try and the same thing happens over and over. I tried a WSReset to no avail. I have a GTX 960M and drivers are current.

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Getting same issue. GTX 1080 Windforce. Haven’t played in almost 2 weeks now. Had X2 XP active. Beyond Pissed.

the game is gears 4 on pc all over again. forget about it because TC will ignore PC players,

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Did you resolve this? My gears 5 has just started to do the exact same, currently running amd5800x n 3080 and have ram it fine before.

I replied here with (maybe) useful information: