PC Gamers - Operation 4 Causes Frame Drops / Slowdown? Bad Code? Not Optimized? Nvidia Issue?

Since OP4 I’ve noticed some droppage in frames and overal aesthetic performance. I have an RTX so I know it’s not me being lame.

I’ve read several on Twitter mention this too. I am wondering if anyone has a solution?

Is it bad code? Maybe it is an Nvidia problem?

Let me know.


A few people have mentioned this, but I am yet to experience it myself.

It may help if you list your specific hardware so others can compare and see if its a specific driver, or gpu that is having issues. Or like in Gears 4 an entire line up.

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yeah ive definitely noticed really bad performance after the update like suddenly the maps are too intense for my computer to handle

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Do you think it’s deliberate obsolete-ness to make the new Xbox more powerful than an Origin desktop PC?

Think the word you were looking for is obsolescence, and if that were the case then why would some of us be having no problems on PC? Wouldn’t it be affecting all of us and not just some?

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Thank you. This thread is to see what others experience. I am not alone but it does not effect everyone. Maybe it is driver specific.


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I play on pc and Xbox and I’m getting it on both… so idk…


Yesterday the news was released that Gears 5 on Xbox One series X would have 50% more particles and look better than Ultra on PC, so it’s not surprising that many of us see this performance degradation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if later on we even see a graphics downgrade on this game.
I honestly expected that this PC-Xbox " friend" to fight Sony was going to be conditioned.


This article summarises it, the whole stream is HERE

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There’s no way. TC can barely get the netcode to work, but now they are deliberately sabotaging performance on PC? I don’t think so. The simplest explanation is usually correct, and the simplest one in this case is that TC just screwed the pooch (yet again).

Sounds good and huge improvements for console gamers but you wont see many PC gamers switching over.

PC gamers can play MP with 200+ FPS while the article says they are “Investigating 120 FPS Multiplayer support” for the X series…

Nah. I’ve been having frame drops before operation 4. It’s a mixture of my CPU being too old and the newer nvidia drivers not working well with the game. I know when I used a much older driver the game was completely fine and smooth - but after a certain newer nvidia driver the frame timing is unstable and pretty sure there’s a memory leak as well in the game

Because the longer the game runs, the worse the frametiming gets/more stutters. A reboot instantly fixes it for a few matches

I report it to nvidia but nvidia ignores it, I guess nvidia and TC have a bad track record together. I even got a reply from the nvidia guy on reddit but he just completely ignored the issue since it always seems to be gears and no other game suffering from the new drivers.

But it didn’t start with OP4 at least in my case. I just deal with it personally

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i haven’t seen 1 person get 200+ frames. 160 frames yeah. You would need to set the whole game to low quality. Wireframe mode for 400 fps. rofl.

100% happens to me. Rebooting the game does fix it. I noticed that background apps dont help. Even a simple web browser or twitch app will kill frames.

I suspect it’s just bad code. Rebooting the game proves memory leaks or just bad optimising overall.


Yes I am also getting stuttering now after the operation 4 update. Before the update it was fine. I would sometimes stutter in SOME matches when someone would pick up a power weapon/grenades. Offline I get no stuttering at all. I have a 2070 rtx , i7 9700k 16gb ram and game is installed on my ssd.

Edit: I just noticed Windows was downloading a ton of updates and doing stuff in the background so that might of been my issue. Going to do more testing when it’s done.

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Let’s keep an eye on it. We can’t nail it but no something is off.
Could be a new Windows update conflict affecting the game.

Game seems better today, I still get a stutter when someone picks up a power weapon or grenades though for whatever reason but everything else is smooth again. The hit registration with gnasher feels absolutely terrible after the update though. I dunno how many more 87 damage in 1 point blank shots I can take haha.


Maybe it’s related to the paging operation errors with the game’s virtual memory as I have at least 100 warnings in the system event log every time the game is started with the latest or old Nvidia drivers.
With an AMD graphics card is it the same?
Either way, I know the GOW and Nvidia games are not good friends.

Same Here.

using a nvidia 1080, i used to get an easy 60fps with v-sync on and ultra settings.
NOW, the game struggles to maintain 60fps on medium settings…

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