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Pc Game pass announced and gears of wars 4 still freezes

Why promote PC game pass with gears of war if its still broken on PC, seriously i got so hyped and re downloaded it thinking they fixed the game but it still freezes 20 mins in =/

i believe the cause of that may be your drivers i can’t quite remember which ones you needed because i didn’t have this problem but i think @III_EnVii_III knows.

382.53 - these are the last known “guaranteed” ones that don’t crash (something else could still make you crash not related to this).

I never crashed myself on slightly newer ones 397.31.

Try either.

But the first ones will work as long as everything else is ok.


Sell your card and buy an equivalent AMD card or give yourself a treat and buy a slightly better RTX card.

Either 3 solutions get you crash free.

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even on rtx cards the game is broken

Just my opinion, I would never consider selling my GPU for one that’s compatible with this one game as a solution. This needs to be addressed.

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My buddy is using the same processor and GPU as me (i7 8700K and EVGA 2080ti) and he crashes but I don’t,

Doesn’t he have a 7700k?

He told me he has the same CPU as I do.

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Nevermind you are correct.

I just checked the benchmarking thread, confused his setup with someone elses.

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It’s most likely OC that is causing issues.

RTX has no problems in of itself.


Gears is very sensitive to Overclocked rigs.