PC game lost connection

Everytime I go to the desktop I lost connection to my friend when i’m with them and it’s the same when they do it. Any reason for that? Because it wasn’t like that before. It starts when there was the E3 events and it’s still like that.

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You are talking about the alt tab issue.

It started with the latest creators update for Windows 10.

A bug report has been filed with Microsoft thanks to @V7K1NG

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yeah and just like being forced to use YEAR OLD VIDEO CARD DRIVERS the problem will either never be fixed or will take over a year to fix.

Avoid this game.

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well when smaller studios who allow their UE4 games to run in full screen with DX11 have managed to figure this one out, well it makes one think about TC’s commitment.

I hope they fix the PC version soon, or they can count me out of Gears 5…

But thats ok. I have STEAM and GOG.COM accounts.

PLENTY of working games there. :wink:
Hell even Microsoft came around and started releasing games on STEAM. Plus Star Citizen seems to work on this rig.

Working version of Quantum Break anyone?

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