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PC freezing/NVIDIA-gears Issues

Nice! I’m really happy that it’s helped with your situation too. :sunglasses: GG

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I have the same Issue with a Shadow Cloud Gaming box (yeah, i’ve paid for GoW and another 40$ for a Shadow subscription to play gears with a friend… …)

we have mid 2019 now and this is still an issue. which is sad, because it is a great game.

i’m using the latest driver because older drivers don’t work that well with Shadow.

my shadow box has a NVIDIA P5000 (it’s basicly a 1080)

I SEE THAT HAPPENS ONLY ON PC,[quote=“K1NGxHuNteR19, post:1, topic:6723, full:true”]
Any one else still having an issue with their PC freezing playing with a NVIDIA MSI 1070 video card? This is crap to have such a beast of a machine just for it to freeze 2-4 times while your trying to play. I have done everything that TC has recomended me to do including uninstall the game several times with no results.

I left everything on ultra but turned off async and particles down to 10 and that seems to have helped. using a 1070, I think amd were always better with async as cuda apparently sucks when it comes to stuff like that. im wondering if its a nvidia intel issue,

There’s no need to wonder, it’s a Nvidia issue.

I dont think the crash was popular on the 9 series, i think only the 10 series cards are mostly affected, so it might not be the driver that prevented it.

I had exactly the same issues as 1000 series users on my 970.

980ti here. Also getting constant crashes, sad times. Today was the worst, 2 crashes a game. ;(

Been playing this since the start, and this is the ONLY game that keeps freezing for me daily. At least 3 times in 1.5 hours. I just cant keep doing this anymore…This will test my patience in Gears 5 unfortunately.