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PC freezing/NVIDIA-gears Issues

(C Viper) #21

Getting crashes on my GTX 1070 Ryzen 2600 Pc. This is the ONLY game that freezes or crashes my pc entirely. This has put a bad taste in my mouth and I probably won’t be buying Gears 5 on PC.

(sancris777) #22

Ikr. I’ve modded games before and i have like over 70 mods in Skyrim and it has never once made my entire PC blue screen yet Gears 4 is totally unmodded and manages to force me to hard reset my computer

(RaW MajkeL) #23

This is unbelievable. I have gtx 1050ti and it freezes every time I try to play… it’s like 1,5 year after the release and it still can’t work properly? Are you kidding me TC?

Also my driver is latest - GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.35


382.53 better than nothing…

(ambasadagavioli) #25

I’ve bought the game yesterday and experienced at least 10 crashes today while playing the campaign. This is some serious incompetence from Nvidia and TC. I’m not even interested in multi-player now (mainly because of crashing), I just want to finish the damn game without crashing every 15 minutes. Is that really too much to ask?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #26

Yes, it’s frustrating. Refer to the info in this, and other threads for the driver work around.

(ambasadagavioli) #27

Yeah I saw that, thanks, but I’m not going to install old drivers because of one game. I play 3-4 games daily and it would a PITA if I did that (because other games might not work well with those old drivers). They need to fix this problem once and for all.

(MolarZoo3876853) #28

Game freezed 4 time and horde and 3 times in ranked versus. I even tried private match and it froze.

Very annoyed. Losing my points and get match penalties.

(CrObInStInE) #29

Signed in just to say this happens to me all the time. Keep trying to play on my PC yet it freezes and I can still hear people on the headset. Get your ■■■■ together Microsoft.

(TC Octus) #30

Hey everyone -

Just dropped in to let you know there’s still active work going into this at TC. We’re even rebuilding rig setups sent to us by users being impacted to help aid the investigation with our partners.

We absolutely are not happy with this being a continued issue for 10 series users, and we’re not done working on it. To give you an idea of how active this is, I’ve even had emails in my inbox first thing today - a Monday morning - on this.

Your frustration is absolutely warranted and we’re doing everything we can on our end. We’ve got no solid updates to share with you today unfortunately, but know that we hope to have one as soon as we can.

(Pr0viNG4Gr0uNDz) #31

This is probably the 100th thread on here but I don’t care.
I can’t play a single multiplayer match with out this game crashing on me and it is frustrating especially when you have to reboot your entire PC. I also have to deal with the hate messages that I get from people that don’t even speak english because they think that I quit the game on purpose. This is the only PC game out of hundreds of games that I have on steam that crashes like that.

It’s been years and still no official fix from the coalition and i’m not installing old nvidia drivers just to fix this game. I love gears but not that much. I now have no hopes for gears 5 on pc.


I think I need the therapist now…

(xFribbo) #33

At least they can admit hundreds of threads like this are made. Progressing more than the others.

(The Evil Moo) #34

There should be thousands more. No other way to communicate to companies that there are still customers that desire to pay for a product that works - we’re not all ready to lay down and just ‘accept it’.

(AliceInChainsaw) #35

Nvidia geforce driver 397.31 or 382.53

Best solution I can give.

I installed windows 10 and gears and the lower driver on a separate SSD and run a dual boot. This way I can have a independent ‘gears’ system ready to go but can also still play other stuff with up to date drivers on my primary OS.

Ridiculous workaround… But so far it works.

(EbolaKitty666) #36

What I’ve noticed is that if the game is running longer than a couple matches, it starts to run like ■■■■. Also cant even play horde past round 9 even on LOW settings on a gtx 1060. Everything runs smooth but once you’re midway round 9 it ■■■■■■■ freezes. but that’s me, so.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #37

Off topic but I just remembered this ;
Alice, I took your advice and got geforce experience working, and after a rough start, I can finally make clips again!
Thanks for that but I needed to ask how you go about sharing clips made through GFE. Can they be uploaded to Xbox live?

Also, is there a simple editor you can recommend?

(GreatWhiteShark) #38

Same thing happened to me, then I rolled back the drivers (I use GTX 1070) to 283.53, haven’t had any problems since then. Granted I don’t really play any other games on the PC so I didnt mind. But yeah I just hope this isn’t an issue on Gears 5.

(AliceInChainsaw) #39

My general process is:

Record the clip
Cut it down in video pad if needed
Publish as mp4
Upload to YouTube for general sharing.

To upload to Xbox live you need to use Xbox Live Beta from windows store.

Place the clip in your Xbox live capture folder. (To locate got to Search > Settings > Gaming > Captures (on the left) > C:\user\name\video\captures\ – change if you would like to by simply moving the “Captures” folder anywhere on your system. Be sure your clips are placed into this folder.

Go to clips in the beta Xbox app.

Select from PC and it should show you the clips, if you don’t see them there then you don’t have them in the right folder.

Pick the clip and select upload (changing any details you want)

Xbox will ask you what game it is for. This is why you have to use beta version. The general version can’t recognize the game on its own and you can’t add it so it won’t work.

Upload to Xbox live

Share to activity feed… Etc.

For video editor… I really like Video Pad from NCH due to its simplicity… However it’s kind of expensive at 29.99 or so, at least when I bought it about a year ago. It’s pretty intuitive and I can cut a 30 second snip and upload 2k quality to YouTube within 5 minutes. There’s actually an ‘export to youtube’ option in it, for example.

(AliceInChainsaw) #40


Here’s a quick vid I took on changing where the folder is located but even if you are leaving it where it is by default, it’ll show you where you need to place clips.