PC freezing/NVIDIA-gears Issues

Any one else still having an issue with their PC freezing playing with a NVIDIA MSI 1070 video card? This is crap to have such a beast of a machine just for it to freeze 2-4 times while your trying to play. I have done everything that TC has recomended me to do including uninstall the game several times with no results.

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I ended up just using the older drivers and haven’t froze since.


  • No more freeze
  • Perfect if you only play gears


  • Have fun not being able to run anything else
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There an update released that attempted to reduce the crashing but not completely fix it with driver 398.36.

Though as far feedback been so far people do experience frequent crashing.l still and didnt change alot.

Perhaps it would be ideal if you posted your feedback in the Important update for nvidia gears 4 windows 10 users thread.

On twitter, Octus mentioned that both teams still investigating on the issue with an update soon to share.

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I updated my NVIDIA to the 398.36 driver and still experienced a hard crash mid game. I also attempted previously to revert to the previous driver with no success. The other thing that I found with the new driver is a delay after shooting or wall bouncing. Its not a lag just like a 1/2 sec freeze. Makes me think the game is about to freeze everytime but it doesn’t. I did read that if you leave the GeForce experience screen up in the background that it will not crash. I tried this and have not experienced a crash during the test but was unable to test for very long.

1070ti here. After going to the newest drivers last week, I’ve only had 1 full crash and, thankfully, it was before i got into a match. I’ve had a couple momentary freezes that tend to happen a short time before the crash. If anyone else gets these “warning” freezes (sound and video stutter for a sec), Alt+Enter to windowed mode (which seems to buy you some time) until you’re out of the match, and then restart your PC before you start another match.

Another tip is to play the game after booting your system and don’t open other apps before hand. When I crash, it’s usually when I opened Steam, Xbox app, etc before I played Gears. If I restart, open Afterburner, and then go straight to Gears, I’m far less likely to crash.

Has anyone with a newer card tried the old (working) drivers? My card was made well after the last known working drivers and they are not listed as a download option for my card. I wonder if it’s even safe to use an older driver like that. As-is though, the current driver has put me in a playable state (fingers crossed) and I can participate in ranked without too much worry.

I have an EVGA 1080. It hasn’t crashed yet since I reinstalled it but others still have issues.

After having several crashes (like everyone else) and needing to hard reset my PC every time it crashed, I tried a couple of things. Installing 398.36 didn’t help. Rolling back all the way to the old driver runs fine, but I can’t play anything else really. So that was no option for me.

So I did a clean install of the latest Nvidia drivers 398.82, AND in addition to that, moved my game install from my regular 2 TB HDD to my 240 GB SSD (which is a bummer cause of the game size), but since then, I didn’t experience a single crash or frame rate drop. Been playing around 10 hours today (Ranked, Guardian) and still going strong.

I don’t know why, but I kinda have the feeling that moving the game to my SSD is what did the trick. I had serious FPS drops and stutters on my HDD when playing.

Recording gameplay with Nvidia Shadowplay is working fine too. Next, I’ll try to turn the Nvidia Overlay off and see what happens.


EDIT: I didn’t use the auto optimize function of the GeForce Experience.

My graphics card is a GTX 1080 and I got a i7 7700K processor.

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It has been several month dealing with this freezing problem. It is frustrating dealing with quit penalties. I miss out on so many credits. Is there a way you guys can make pc players immune to quit penalties or get rid of them until this problem is resolved? It is absolutely frustrating getting a an early quit penalty every game.

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I haven’t been penalized for being kicked during PC crashes. Not sure if it’s that way for everyone.

However, I have been kicked by the server and suspended for 30min before I even got a match. That’s unrelated to the crashes.

The game will crash towards the end of the match so I dont have the time to load the game back up and rejoin. I miss out on everything when that happens and i get quit penalties all the time now. Usually -79 credits. this recent match i got -570 credits. I only play ranked. It feels like im wasting my time if I dont get credits. Idk thats probably just me.

Crazy how inconsistent this all is. I was getting frequent crashes until the last nvidia update but even when I had crashes, I wouldn’t get penalized if I couldn’t rejoin.

Bizarre how differently this affects everyone, and how some aren’t affected at all.

I had the same issues. Switched it from my SSD to my HDD to see if it fixed it. It did not. Now I have a new problem. I want to put it back on the SSD, but there isn’t enough space. How can the same game that I uninstalled not fit? Basically when I removed it, it only actually removed about 90-100gb, but requires 131 to reinstall.

I realized this isn’t really the right spot for this question, but it’s a tough one to search for, and I figured few other gamers run into a situation where they need to deal with a 131gb file.

Omg… I didn’t want to believe this still is an on going issue. I’ve been experiencing crashes and my system freezing randomly. It seems it only happens on multiplayer or when you’re doing Co-Op.

Deep diving into this, it seems this has been unsolved for almost 9 - 10 months? Jesus Christ…

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honestly this issue still being a thing is really annoying… at this rate i may just ditch my nvidia card for an amd 580 8gb card just to never crash again…

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GTX 1080 here, currently unable to play the game. If it does work, It’ll play for 1 match (Private) and then crash/freeze.

I have update my video driver to the latest (417.01) and reinstalling the game currently. Will let you know if the fresh install worked.

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I to have this freezing issue… this has started to happen a lot more this past month,. Gears froze from time to time in the past, but now it seems to freeze 1-3 times a day. I’m forced to close the application down from the desktop.

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Try different drivers. Before I changed graphics cards, I found that some drivers were more reliable than others.

The fact that this still exists today is ridiculous. I’ve had 3 freezes today. Just ridiculous. Maybe a little bit more qc rather than trying to make micro transaction crap.


driver 382.33 works fine guys if you only need to play gears

no crashes in weeks so far

PC needs players so hopefully people find what works for them :+1: