PC freezing Gears 4 2019

I’m sorry to make a repetitive post but I just bought this game for the PC and like most people I am experiencing freezing after playing this game for a while. I’ve searched online and realized that this problem happens to people with NVidia cards like me and I’ve fixes and I haven’t really found any solutions except to download the old driver. Is there any updated solutions or should I just give up hope?

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Game is jokes PC, two years and they never fixed it means they actually didn’t put their full efforts into doing so, makes me think twice about getting Gears 5 on PC after this.


It only happens with Microsoft on PC. For example I bought the first Gears of War with the Games for Windows Live service forcing us to install that. The cd key that came with the game expired because I activated it many times because I formatted my PC thanks for the Windows errors (in that time was Windows vista and later 7), so the cd key was useless. This is how Microsoft gives us a great customer support (obviously sarcasm) and the only way to play at least the campaign is using a crack.
Today with the disastrous Microsoft Store that we can’t even do a proper backup of a game that supposedly is ours because we paid for that, they removed the option to play the horde offline, the game on PC stutters a lot, certain moderators like Octus responding prepotently, covering the sun with a finger, minimizing problems.
It’s sad because the only franchise I want so much is Gears of War over the rest of games, but is in hands of cretins. I finished Gears 4, all the achievements, on Xbox One, this proves that even with this problems, I still want to play this franchise, It breaks my heart that they don’t have priorities FIXING FIRST the previous games, instead of thinking about Gears 5 on PC.
I would like to share ideas to Gears 5 to improve the game experience, like keeping and improve the bots controlled by AI for multiplayer offline, more and better weapons, offline horde balancing the amount of enemy respawning accordind to the number of current players in the match, but they are capable of treating me like sh1°#@t.

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