Pc freezing/crashing

Sooooo what’s up with this game freezing alot or the massive stuttering, especially between horde waves.

My pc has a I5 12600kf rtx 2080 and 16gb of ram and installed on an ssd.

So I’m pretty certain it’s not my computer haha.

Any tips paha?

Go back to your console.


Try rolling back your graphics drivers if you updated recently.

If you’ve installed a Windows feature update recently, this can also be the cause. Upgrading to Windows 11 can solve this issue if you’re still on 10, or you could also roll back your Windows 10 version.

These kinds of issues are only going to get more common as Gears 5 ages. TC PC games are notorious for breaking at the end of their lifespan as the OS and drivers update. I’ve started to get half second long freezes every 5-10 minutes myself. It’s not game breaking yet, but it’s really annoying.

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Hmmm would windows 11 actually work here?

I play a alot of high end games on my pc but nothing acts like this , I’ve done so many different tweeks to my computer settings and the games settings and still freezes when a horde wave starts.

It will even crash totally and tell me the gw513 error… I have 16gb of ram.

Upgrading to Windows 11 has been known to resolve hitching and stuttering issues in some games no longer receiving updates, Gears 5 included. There is no guarantee this will work. I’d try rolling back graphics drivers first if you weren’t already considering upgrading Windows.

Different Windows versions and new hardware broke and fixed Gears 4 as time went on. Gears 4 had a nasty crashing issue that affected 900 and 1000 series Nvidia cards unless drivers a certain revision or earlier were used. The issue was fixed (or mitigated so significantly as to be a non-issue) on newer Nvidia cards due to the different architecture.

TC’s long term support of PC games is abysmal. Ultimate Edition borders on unplayable on certain modern hardware configurations. Never mind the fact that multiplayer is broken.

Okay so first of I’ll give rolling the graphics drivers back and then Might try updating to windows 11 and give that a try.
It’s so bizarre when it tells me the gw513 error as the computer never goes over 50 percent.

The most annoying part about this is my the pc I put together for my girlfriend, has an i7 6700k gtx 980 ti and 16gb of ram, she has almost no issues.

It’s recommended to use DDU if you’re rolling back or reinstalling drivers in order to fix a graphics memory bug. Reinstalling the same driver using DDU to uninstall first may actually fix your issue if a bad install is to blame.

ahh so is this gw513 a graphics memory bug and not a ram bug? i was up until 2 oclock in the morning trying to remember how to deal with a memory leak ha

The description implies it’s system memory, but if you’re going to reinstall/roll back drivers in an attempt to solve the issue, I’d use DDU to rule out a bad graphics driver install being the culprit.

If it is a general system memory bug, the Gears 5 install itself might be to blame. That’s a simple fix if you’ve got a good download speed; uninstall and reinstall the game.

A bad Windows update install could also cause a system memory issue, but if that were the case, in all likelihood, this issue should make itself apparent in more applications than just Gears 5. So, I’d try Windows installation/versions last.

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Okay i’ll try the reinstall graphics driver using DDU first and see if it pops up again or get a crash in horde, i am going to assume that these two issues are linked.

yeh download speed is good enough so i’ll try that after .

I haven’t seen any other issues using my computer for gaming, or when i use it for heavy photo processing etc. memory usage rarely goes above 50 percent while playing gears.

thanks for the help so far, i appreciate it


Were you able to solve your problem? For several days it has happened to me that the image freezes for 1 second and then returns to normal, it is very annoying

The reinstall of the game seemed to have worked so far for the gw513 error, I’ve yet to try horde though.

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thanks for the help, such a shame you can’t fix the game like you can on steam. windows apps are truly horrendous.