PC - FPS too low, lag and GPU not running on high power with Gears 5

Hi all,

today after a month of playing fine my game will not run properly. I cannot get higher than 30ish FPS and even when benchmarking it is struggling.

Every other game on my system is fine. I have tried them, FPS is up as it should be on all games. I am not sure but GPU usage seems low on gears also but fine on other games. GPU seems to run about 27% out of 100% which is off.

I am playing on PC, never had this issue until today. Has anybody any ideas on a fix please?

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Check your settings…after the last update, my settings got reset.

turn off vsync

Do you not get tearing?

Are you using Intel CPU? There is some weird kind of issue with some Intel cpus that causes the CPU to run at 100%, bottlenecking the game and your GPU.

nope not at all, my rig is a Ryzen 7 1800X, GTX 1080 FTW2 and 16GB RAM

Inside the game “video settings” at the bottom there’s an option to choose which GPU to use, make sure it’s on the correct GPU and not on AUTO and then restart, just to be safe.