PC FPS Stutter dec 2020

The game runs like crap on PC ever since Op 5. Massive FPS stutters and jumps every 5-10 seconds. Completely unplayable. Me and my other PC buddy used to play on the daily but ever since this update weve had to drop the game completely. We tried to come back today after 2 weeks away and still the stuttering is as bad ever. They will never fix this issue, they have never cared about PC players. There are quiter a few posts about this same issue and still they turn a blind eye. Took them a whole year just to fix the title screen background being locked to icebound.


I’m in the same situation and I agree they don’t care PC users, sadly. I sent them tickets but they just ignore It.


Yeah I’m not having this issue and I’m on PC. I haven’t updated to the latest Nvidia driver yet, but I have the one before that one. It has frozen, but only very rarely, like less than I can count on one hand. I’m using an RTX 2060 and my driver is 457.30. My complaints are mainly related to the Microsoft Store and not to stability of the game. What is your graphics card and what version is your driver?

I’m PC player aswell and haven’t noticed drops at all
Only time I did have drops is when I tried using the built in bluetooth on my PC which is awful

I am also on a 2060 how weird! Are you using the windows game pass version or steam?

I’m not having fps drops, but get weird flashy glitches with the environments and the other day all the blood, marks and the dust effects when roadie running went to a light purple… bit odd but hey, it’s Gears 5, I’m adapting to the random ■■■■■■■■ now

I made this video a few weeks ago, perhaps it will help some of you. My issues were the fact the game was being unplayable, especially on the new maps. I deleted the files shown in the video + played the maps twice each in ranked + custom lobbies and I haven’t had many issues since.

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I’ve been playing the Steam version on and off since launch. I recently updated my drivers before jumping into Op. 5 and have had no issues. A buddy of mine didn’t update his drives, also a Steam PC player, and was having a lot of locking up. You may want to try updating your video card drivers as well as verifying your game files on Steam.

I did it several times and in River Horde match once you spawn, it stutters when you move your character camera with the R stick on any direction, and in other match in the same map it stutters a lot every moment, specially on boss wave and it was horrendous, but if I play alone offline in a LAN match, or the campaign, it runs smoothly except on certain parts of the campaign or cinematics. I doubt is my CPU and RAM, Maybe my GTX 1070 at 1080p 60 FPS on ultra-high settings isn’t enough but my Ryzen 5 3600 and 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 latency cas 16 are enough.
And I have all up to date, temps are very good, 50 C both CPU and GPU, other games runs well except Gears 4 and this.