PC FPS studder bug

It seems that after playing gears 5 for awhile (2-3+ hours) the games FPS starts to studder, after a few hours my fps studders between 100-144 fps, but for extended periods of play it drops to 50-144 fps.

This seems new from TU4.


Anyone else having this problem?

I had this issue way before TU4.

This is with a 2080ti.

The only fix I’ve found is to reboot the game.

I also have a 2080TI, so this might be a GPU problem, although i never noticed a problem before TU4

My friend also had the issue.

He reverted back to the Game Ready driver that came out with CoD:MW and said his issue has disappeared.

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I have noticed this since first release, right after tech test, I only reverted back to Game Ready Driver to reduce the effect.

Multiple factors that could have some effect too:

  • Xbox beta, make sure you don’t use that utter garbage, it always stutter my game and sometimes froze my PC.
  • Google Chrome, a RAM gluttony, make sure to close it.

I have 2080TI water cooled, and an overclocked CPU but still witness a huge FPS decrement and the only solution is to restart the game as per what @Krylon_Blue says.


If I go past the September driver,

I get constant micro-stutters.

Only in this game, obviously.

So this issue is still persising.


Any news or updates on this?

It definitely is.

I get it after my 5th match every time. My FPS counter doesn’t show any performance drops but my games running very poorly. I can see and feel the unresponsiveness as can all of my friends. The only ones that don’t seem to experience it are those who have reverted their drivers back.

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Well decided to try this since I will be playing gears more come op 4, and it broke gears.

Looks like im gonna have to wait until a fix comes, if one comes.

Edit: tagging @TC_Sera

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Thanks for the tag - do you have a ticket in support as well?

I dont, what info would be needed for a ticket?

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Same details you posted in the initial post, along with any specs you can pass along about the system you are playing on, for a start. From there, support may ask for any other information they could need.

Sending these kind of issues into support also helps support track them


Ticket submitted, ticket number is 41428

Edit since i cant reply again:
@TC_Sera Just to let you know, this bug is still present in operation 4, and the criteria and effects of the bug are also the same.



Has this been fixed in the new update? I dont play on PC anymore so I cannot test myself.



I’m going to check after the update and let you know ASAP, but I doubt it is gone though as it was getting worse after each’s like a tide…


I didn’t have the issue until this update.


By any chance, yall play with a controller connected via bluetooth?

M/K wired.

Controller Wired.

I believe it’s still there, a lot of people clearing temporary files and running through maps a few times saying it’s fixed but others saying it’s not.

I’m currently bypassing Crossplay Toggle and playing on SX until AMDs are out as I believe a lot of 3000 series cards having performance issues.