PC fix for those with stuttering/freezing on keyboard input

Hey guys, after the September 16th update I started having severe frame stuttering/skips/freezing when clicking anything or moving the character in-game. I thought I’d make this for those that are having the same issue. If you are having this problem and using Razer Cortex, close Razer Cortex before starting Gears 5. This completely solved my issues I began having a couple days ago; hopefully this works for you as well.


That fixed it! Thanks!

Ty so much you literally saved me!

Thank you. This solved my problem as well.

I also had this problem… Gears of War 5 was freezing any time a key was held down. Mouse input did not cause a problem. Xbox controller input was still working fine. Exiting RAZER Cortex and Synapse solved the problem. It may be worth flagging the issue to RAZER.

I have been looking for this fix since the update and today, you restored my faith in forums. Too bad it took an entire month to find.

Not all Heroes wear capes :pray::+1::fist_right::fist_left::grin: