PC Crashing ridonkulous

No clue what happened but this crashing has gotten no better. If I’m lucky it is once per match at the end of round.

I’m going back to gears 4 for now. G5 not worth the wasted time and pissed off teammates.

What version of windows are you running?
Version 1909 makes the game crash, uninstalling the update will make the game playable again.

Happened on both 1903 and 1909 (updated to 1909 thinking it was 1903 causing it.)

Was playing on old geforce Gears 5 drivers and updated them too thinking maybe that was causing it.

It’s very inconsistent sometimes 4 crashes per match sometimes none for 2 games.

Shadow play is off… All geforce settings at default… Etc.

It just happened one day after not playing for 2 weeks.