PC Crashing Mid Match

I have been playing Gears 5 since the ultimate edition release and i tried to play it on PC but had issues with it not starting so i played on Xbox the first 2 days. Eventually the PC version randomly started and ive been playing since but it seems to always crash in about an hour of play time with no report or anything just a random crash. I tired different settings and what not and nothing seems to stop the crashing. The version i am using is through the Xbox Beta App not through Steam. If anyone has any idea or has the issue too please help. Both Microsoft and Nvidia drivers are up to date.


I have the same problem. Game crashes every 15 minutes straight to desktop. No error message.

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did y’all buy it on Microsoft store or steam ?

I got it through the Xbox (Beta) App which is through Microsoft

i read a lot of the same problems on there from the reviews so i got it on steam game has only crashed maybe like 3 times in 3 days

i have the same problem. Can you lend us your steam account to try? :rofl::rofl: