PC crashes hasn't been fixed! (despite official announce)

Fix that was included in NVIDIA drivers 398.36 didn’t solve the problem.

R.I.P Pascal PC crash
June 2017 - June 2018 (nah, he’s still alive)


I will be so happy to finally update!

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I’m going to wait because 392.31 has been rock solid :sob:

Also, I never get a BSOD - just the image freezing so don’t know if this is what the notes meant or not - however, hopefully this issue is finally resolved :raised_hands:

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Wait… Wait…

So you’re saying I might finally have to eat my hat?

Going to update my drivers and see for myself before I degrade myself by eating said hat :wink:


That’s a big hat you need to eat :sob:



Just installing the driver to test now… But what you were supposed to write:

“Burn in hell: Pascal PC crash”

This is exactly what NVIDIA fixed. You just don’t see BSOD itself…but it’s there xD

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Ok, good to know :blush::+1:

I’m testing it now. Will report back with the results.

Edit: It’ll probably be 12 hours or more from the time of this post before I report back.

I’ve had the game freeze/crash on every supposeded “working” driver since 382.53, so if this driver isn’t truly fixed, I’ll be able to make it crash.

So I need plenty of time testing before I’ll know whether or not it’s truly fixed :+1:


I’m on 398.36 since its release and it still crashes. Sorry.

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Are you sure?
Release date 06/26/18
I mean…today.

Wow, I thought that was the previous drivers released earlier this month, GeForce Experience just downloaded the new ones automatically!

Time to test it.

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This is great news!

But… Let’s wait for a official response from TC on this that it has been resolved.

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Well it does say that it’s fixed in Nvidia’s official patch notes…

The jury is still out on whether it’s actually fixed (needs more testing), but it’s not like the op is just saying it without having an official source confirming it

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Mate, I should say that NVIDIA never reported, until today, that bug has been fixed.
I always read patch notes for every single driver release. And Gears 4 bug was always in “Not fixed yet” section.
They told on the official forum, about a month ago, that they found the fix for it and will probably release it in June.
So here we are.

Yeah, same here. I’m really hopeful, but I’ve been let down so many times with this issue that I just can’t believe it until I’ve confirmed myself :confused:

Finally!!! I hope not to cross my fingers anymore while playing a ranked match,

OK… About 3 hours of play. The game has frozen :confused:

Thankfully, it hasn’t frozen my entire PC, but the game is unresponsive and i’m going to have to force close it.

It’s an improvement (better than it freezing the entire PC), but I’m disappointed that this has happened.

I’m on the latest version of Windows (the April/may creators update or whatever it’s called)

no way!!! 2 hours already and seems find, fingers crossed.

You know, got something similar in a first minutes, in store menu.
Actually, for me it’s become funny in some point…