PC crash newest patch

Been playing ranked and my game crashes midgame. Still connected to live and chat. Game just freezes.

What is the deal?

Were you getting crashes before?
Is the patch you’re having trouble with nvidia or Gears?
What GPU are you running?

I had a lot of crashes until the latest patch but others are reporting that nothing changed. What you are describing is something that has been with nvidia 10 series GPUs for around a year.

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haven’t had crashes in a while. just updated to latest gpu drivers.

have a gtx 1070

I’d definitely roll back the drivers then. Unfortunate that yours became worse as my 1070ti is behaving better with the latest drivers.
If you’re not familiar, there’s older drivers that are crash free but if I were you I’d just go back to whichever were stable for you.

I read somewhere that if you updated on latest drivers and wen t back to old one it will still make the game crash for some reason. Thiugh this may be a one off occurance, the Op needs to be careful.

Yikes. What a nightmare. I feel really fortunate to have only had a short experience with the crashes. I just hope it stays that way for me.