PC cheater running amuck

Pc cheater named “CW ZOOM” cheating his ■■■ off for the past month. Hasn’t been banned yet. so much for the anti-cheat! Not even 3 minutes in to the game and hes downed us 27 times in the first round In TDM and now he’s in the special event where you can’t turn off cross play cheating his ■■■ off again!

here he is Not even 3 minutes in to the game! picking people off from spawn

It’s probably an old ‘friend’ of the community. There’s not much you can do about it. He makes new accounts all the time

“Running amuck”

That made me laugh for some reason. The dastardly fiend is at it again!


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Reported him to TC via Twitter.

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Except this one has 5K gamerscore and a somewhat built up friends list.

So could be someone else, but might possible someone who’s done it before.


Oof he’s doing it in Social too? Those poor Xbox players forced to play against him lmao

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