PC - Cant bind left ctrl key

Not sure if the right place to post, but i cant seem to bind my left ctrl key to anything. Would like it to be the crouch, instead of Z (which makes no sense to me). But it simply wont bind, i press left ctrl and nothhing happens, right ctrl works for some reason. Im willing to mess with config files if thats possible, thank you!

Can’t imagine first person to ask still cares, but hopefully this helps others. I tried everything mentioned here, so I don’t know if unbinding Ctrl from “Push to talk” matters, but I did also do that beforehand…with no luck. What worked for me is going into “Audio Settings” and turning OFF “Push to talk” option. If it interferes with online gaming for you, maybe use Discord. I use left Ctrl to shoot in ALL my games, so being without was horrible! Good luck!


thanks i care :smiley:

This worked! Thanks!