(PC) Cannot connect to consoles on Ranked playlist

Pretty straight forward; while playing on PC I can’t connect to consoles during Ranked/Comp playlist. And because the PC community is dead, I can only play on social playlist which is a nightmare. However, when switching to my Xbox on the same account I can find Ranked matches no problem. I even connect with other PC games So I know the cross play is possible. The match-making just simply times out when searching for a ranked match on PC.

Does anyone have any fixes for this? Or is this normal for for all PC players to try and find a Ranked match?

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Xbox players have the option to turn off crossplay for ranked matches.

If you are in a region with a lower population this can be a massive barrier to finding matches.

I have mine turned off… best decision I’ve made on Gears

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I would feel guilty if someone wanted to go into Ranked with me, but I had Ranked Crossplay turned off when they’re on PC.

Now that I think about it, it would look good if there were 10 PC players playing with eachother.
While letting the Xbox console players play with eachother.
It seems fairer than hybrid mixed up.

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I have found it a lot more pleasurable to play with it turned off than when it was on. Ill be honest I’m a decent player but for some apparent reason I always came across the most try hard PC players to walk the earth and I wanted to do nothing but rip my hair out. Since it’s been off I have more of an advantage lol…dont judge me lol

You are right though I do feel more evenly matched

What kind of advantage?
When I know there are no PC/computer icons, I have less paranoia of these players having accurate shots so I could relax more if I’m not against them.
I’ve found their gameplay to be kinda fishy in Social Quickplay, how they’re going positive, top of scoreboard and such.

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Exactly this ^^^…I was constantly being skeptical about crossing paths with them

And this ^^^ I was always questioning the lobbies I played with them.

It honestly made me focus less on the game because I was more angry at how insanely invincible they were…

getting 97% damage in one shot while they consistently destroyed me at a distance with their Gnasher…nothing ever seemed fair.

I dont have that issue anymore…unless I come across a bunch of Mexico players

Which for me is literally every single match. :tired_face:

I get them quite often as well seeing as how I’m neighbors with Mexico lol

It is very irritating but I also get it to my advantage…getting all of them on my team and watch them wreck everyone else lol

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Lol, very rarely do I get them on my team. Even if I do they make the game run so poorly I just wish they weren’t there at all. So damn bad.

I feel your pain…wish we could separate them from the rest of the servers so we don’t have to play with them…

Regions would be nice

People I know who turn off crossplay are usually just looking for something to blame for their own inadequacies.

I leave it on and play with a lot of PC players. This means I find matches quicker than people who have it off. Plus, there’s fewer pc players in Mexico so I’m more likely to get American players.

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I haven’t had any issues with finding a match. On or Off it didn’t make a difference

I disabled cross play and honestly there’s no reason for me not to. When I play with my PC friends cross play is turned on and I get just as many poor connections as I do when I don’t play with PC players. By turning it off I ensure I don’t have to deal with that rare but entirely possible aim bot which is my reason for doing it. I am in no way afraid of PC players in terms of skill because unlike my friends I haven’t been “destroyed” by one yet.

But it’s as if they think being in Illinois means I should always play with Mexico players but the truth is I should never play with them if their connections aren’t stable. I’m sorry but my cell phone back in the 3G days was more stable than their abysmal DSL connection. I mean, DSL is something I’ve never had and I’m glad because back in the early 2000s broadband started as Cable here. It’s just a terrible internet technology and at this point needs to be banished into a black hole to never be seen again.

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Wow…all this hate on PC players? I’ve been playing on the console up to now and have never ran into a PC player who has finished higher than me on the scoreboard in social or core. Just today, I plugged my controller on the PC and started playing it on there and I love it. Only because my PC > Xbox obviously and the fact that you can use the in-game chat (because I’m not able to use a mic) so I’m going to stay on the PC, play some horde/social and not worry because I have all the achievements in the game and am bout to hit my Wings.

Edit- Also am neighbors with Mexico too.


I said it finds the faster, because there’s a larger player base for the server to choose from.

I’m not threatened by PC players but to each his own.

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Same here. I’ve been playing on console and have never had a problem with PC players. If anything, their movement is usually very limited comped to what I do on console. I think the people who block crossplay are the same people who complain about everything in the game. I’m happy to play with the PC community and I think it’s weak not to. Gears fans should support other gears fans.

I just built a new pc so I’ll be trying Gears out on there. Don’t know if I like it more than on the One X though.

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I get what you are saying…and like I said I didn’t see any decreases in the times it took me to find games. The player base on Console is much higher than PC

And I’m not threatened by them I just prefer not to play with them. The consistency of PC players is trash aside from the Try Hards. They are always getting disconnected from matches or they quit to keep their pretty little KD’s alive. But yes, one reason I turn it off is to not play with a a specific group of players…doesn’t mean I’m compensating for any inadequacies …must just be your friends that do that