PC Best Wallbounce tutorial

this is a simple wallbounce tutorial for specifically PC players. this is how to wallbounce without any fault and no miss rolling. every wall bounce will connect. if you already know this cool, if not hopefully i helped someone atleast. with a couple hours of practice you can do this too.

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Are kidding me…

PC player here, can’d do what he does.

Jk, actually PC player but playing on Controller so :slight_smile:

Was already expecting that people were rebinding their keys like he does.

Never really checked the controller bindings but I assume controller doesn’t have an option to split between Evade and Cover Mantle? I just stick to the default settings usually so… not interested in perfecting the wallbounces.

There are some settings you can use on the controller that make your bounce perfect without roll but it takes some adjusting. If you’re like me and can’t be bothered then just stick with default, It’s not really worth unless you’re trying to take your gameplay to the next level.


You know, my original post was showing this guy appreciation and even liking his post but this is the tool that made the “Gears 1 vets vs gow 5 free pass kids” thread pretty much being a complete manchild over absolutely nothing and insulting everyone that didn’t meet his “Gears quota”
Using an alt account probably because he knows no one will take him seriously after that clown factory thread.

Agreed. But the PvP mechanics were modified so much that I literally hate playing it (even against AI) now and avoid touching PvP ever again in Gears 5 unless I have to complete something stupid in it. I don’t even bother with the PvP grind achievements because of the current mechanics.

So I couldn’t care less if people find those cheesy methods. :slight_smile:

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That’s me

I’m not a big wall bouncer, I have gotten decent at it at best, but really I still tend to strafe more haha.

Regardless for my controller I run with Classic Alt and control remap to swap both A and LB… what this does is give me the Tournament Alt I was used to using on 4, self revive being LB being literally the only difference.

I end up having to switch back to default when I do campaign stuff tho… cause Jacks point ability(flash, hijack, ect) and Ultimates for other Scorpio that I’m not using… those are buggy and don’t want to work half the time on Classic Alt.

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thanks man i appreciate the love… i was just trying to give some insight for anyone on pc who wants to move like this… i still strafe and don’t wall bounce like this all the time because you do die a lot. but for evading, wallbouncing like this helps a ton. Appreciate you tho man.

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