PC Base Character movement is better than Xbox? Or is it just me?

So I recently downloaded Gears 5 in my PC thanks to Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, and I noticed, movement feels quite good in comparison to the xbox version which feels heavy and slow.

I played Gears 4 in both PC and Xbox One X and the PC always performs with better and crisper movement but not as much of the difference that I notice in Gears 5.

Is it my perception due to the better Field of View?

probably just the FOV and less input lag than on console

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Are you playing on same monitor and controller on both?

Input lag, which is atrociously high in G5 on console.

Yuuuup. Going from PC (Vsync off, of course) to Xbox feels AWFUL. I refuse to even play Versus on it, but I don’t mind Horde/Escape/Campaign on console.

Same XOne controller

Screen is different in PC i have Samsung 27" 1080p@60Hz in Xbox I have QLED 55" 4K at whatever framerate the Xbone X gives

I need to upgrade my GPU to hit 4K@60 but i don’t think to do it soon, waiting for Nvidia with PCIe 4.0 or better AMD alternatives to the 5000 series

Use the samsung monitor with the console to see if it may be display latency on tv. I assume you are in game mode on tv? Even if you are, monitors usually have much lower input lag.

Yeah, using game mode for ~22ms of input lag it doesn’t compare to just 1ms with the monitor but still the difference is pretty big.

It just feels so reponsive, fast and clean; I’m seriously thinking of uninstalling the Xbox version.

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You can try a m/kb on console. I do notice a bit more snappiness to the movement. I don’t have a PC good enough to run it, but I would assume vsync on consoles is the issue, like stated before.

probably feeling the response time

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Yeah pc version is so much better I have it on both console and pc it’s horrible on xbox !!!

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I’m really glad to not be the only one noticing this, it is truly a shame for the console version, guess i will stick to the PC version for everything MP related; Maybe campaign, I have yet to test how it performs with cinematics in Gears 4 they were too much for my poor GPU…

Definitely play the Campaign on your Xbox One X and 4k tv. It’ll look so much better than on your 1080p monitor, and the Campaign on console is 60 fps too. So literally no downside for you.

ya if you have the means

  • 4K TV Couch set up for SP games (God of War, Last of Us)
  • 1080P/1440P Monitor Desk setup for MP (Gears, CoD)