[PC] aim bug escape when I get out of the pod

After the update, I can’t use the mouse when i get out of the pod. I have to wait 6 seconds each time to be able to aim and move the camera.
Am I the only one to have this bug?


Can you capture a video clip and submit with additional info at https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (might have to submit it as a YouTube video link) it really helps the devs reproduce and narrow the cause of the bug to (hopefully) be fixed in a future update.

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I also have this issue, every single hive.

Are you also on PC and MNK?

The more details you can give can really help TC narrow stuff like this down, and please include Operation 7 in the title if you submit a bug report :slight_smile:

the damage is too high on escape mode = one hit and your in danger of dying

As you can see, I can’t aim or move the camera for a few seconds


That is a visual bug on the “simple omen” you arent actually taking more damage than usual.

Exactly the same for me!

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Also happens to me. KB&M, PC/Steam. Pretty annoying.


Mouse input delay bug on escape on PC can’t move the mouse for about 5-10 sec at the start of the escape match this delay didn’t happen in operation 6. Note: Horde and PVP untested.

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This is happening to me too in Escape.

It occurs until right before the words “Escape the Hive” disappears.

For that time period, I can only roll forwards and roadie run forwards, no other movement or aiming works.

Basically my teammates have pressed the button and are leaving, while my ■■■■■■■ is roadie running into a wall.

Other info: Windows 10 store version of the game. Right clicking seams to help with the issue.

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Seems to only be escape until the mouse cursur disappears

I have same problem

Still remains broken back at May 19 its June 21 now this bug seems to be at the very bottom of the TODO list nice one TC.

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Wow TC it’s still broken keep up the great work. :smile:

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Btw; certain hives have a 10 seconds countdown until the bomb goes off; so depending on the pod you spawn in this glitch can kill you since you can’t turn to the door quickly enough.

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That’s why I sometimes can’t get out in Custom Hive because of this :sleepy:

This happens 100% of the time for me on mouse and keyboard on several different computers.

Yeah it’s like this for me too. The mouse becomes desynced from the active window probably due to the cutscene. What I do is just run straight forward. By the time I get halfway to the door my mouse starts working again. Only a minor annoyance unless you’re attempting to beat a teammate to an early COG tag or something.

Seems to work fine in custom solo escape but not on teams.