(PC) 5.1 - DTS/DOLBY

I have a 5.1 amp/speakers, used to connect to them via optical/spdif on the Xbox S and it worked.

Now on my PC, I don’t have spdif on the mobo, so was looking at usb s/c with spdif, but not sure if g5 works the same on PC?

Would anyone be kind enough to recommend what’s best plz?
My gpu has 3x display port and 1x hdmi, perhaps I can use the hdmi for 5.1 only, while using the display port for video only?
Or, will g5 work fine with a USB s/c that can carry 5.1 over spdif? - As far as I can tell, these cards typically only support DTS/RAW/PCM & Dolby.

Many thanks in advance.

Just a follow up, I’ve ordered an Asus Xonar U5, which carries 5.1 over Optical/Spdif, will report back if it works, perhaps this post can help someone else.

As MS ditched the optical port brilliant decision not your left with audio over HDMI

But a lot of amps wont accept audio over 4K HDMI

I bought a splitter box of amazon which accepts 2 4K inputs and outputs 4K video & the audio over tos
So i can run 5 or 7.1 to my amp , and get 4K to the TV

Yup, I noticed that, we also have an Xbox series S and I was surprised to see they removed the spdif.

On the pc however, I had no luck with the Asus xonar carrying 5.1 over spdif, so that amp is now kinda useless as it does not have hdmi inputs.

I really prefer true 5.1/7.1 over anything else, and as I understand it? Using a display port at 4k - will max out at around 60fps (and hdmi even lower fps) also depends on the gpu, but I prefer higher fps so I’m at 2k 120fps and above, while my gpu stays nice n cool.

But the dp can carry 5.1 as can hdmi, so should be able to just route the audio via hdmi while using the dp for video, I could do this, but my Sony amp that can do this is not connected to my gaming monitor - so I’ve ordered a logitech z907 5.1 system and should be able to run 5.1 via the s/c using the analogue outs, and achieve true 5.1, will report back when it all arrives and is setup.