[PC] [18+] Damage Inc. an eSports Organization needs you!

Damage Inc. is a premier Gaming & eSports Organization based in North America and Europe since 2012 that fields multiple professional eSports teams and over 1.3k+ community members.

  • Be on active on our community forums
  • Be active on our Teamspeak 3 server.
  • Be at least Age 18 or above.
  • Must have a microphone to use.


What to expect from Damage Inc:

  • Highly active DI Website/Forums. Discord & Teamspeak 3
  • Professional & Organized Damage Inc Structure.
  • Casual & Competitive Atmospheres.
  • Frequent Leagues & Tournaments with prize rewards.
  • Expansive gaming community filled with like-minded gamers.
  • Exclusive benefits, rewards & events for the most dedicated DI members.
  • Exclusive Damage Inc. Merchandise such as Jerseys, PC Accessories, Apparel, etc.
  • Exclusive benefits for DI Streamers, Coaches & Staff.
  • Exclusive benefits, rewards & recognition for DI Professional eSports Teams.


Damge Inc. Houses & Divisions:

Damage Inc. has 5 Houses: Dagger - Javelin - Longbow - Sabre - Trident
Each house consists of anywhere between 4-6 divisions, 20-100 players per division.

We are constantly looking to improve ourselves by pitting our HOuses & Divisions against each other with scrims, in-houses, leagues & tournaments.

Why? To have the best of us participate in tournaments outside of DI, against other clans/communities and come back home with glory at hand.

Super Weekends:

For those that wish to be on the casual side of things. We have a huge community of players always creating fun events to participate in. Such as Super Weekend Events.

Competitive & Teams:

As mentioned earlier, we do have plenty of leagues & tournaments that are currently in progress and upcoming superb DI Leagues of Tournaments. To ensure everyone has a fair trial in warning to join a team we have sub-forums where DI members may sign-up & register themselves.
If you are interested in joining Damage Inc to be part of our growing Gears of War division, you may sign-up here: Damage Inc. Official Community Website

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