Patient, but doubtful

What are you guys’ experience with claiming the eSports weapon skins from the past? San Diego was literally my first time tuning in and actually going after the skins. I know they are telling us to be patient as it could take up to two weeks to receive everything but for some reason I have this gut feeling it won’t play out like that. I denied hanging out with my GF that weekend and when I wanted booty the other night I was told “Get booty from your stupid event” -_-

Look, if I’m going to fight with this woman I at least want the skins to show for it dammit lol. Anyone else feeling funny about will you get the skins or not?

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Nothing funny about it. I’ve claimed just about every Esports skin ever offered and never had an issue

There’s more to life than skins, they arent of high value.


Thank you for the reassurance.

Take my advice, as someone who doesn’t have a girlfriend booty is a lot more valuable than a digital skin.


She’s absolutely right.

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I threw that in there to be funny guys lol…I know what’s more important.

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If earning weapon skins lands anyone a good job let me know and i’ll put that on my resume’ for sure.

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I lol’d pretty hard at what she told you. Thanks for sharing. I too get flak for spending too much time with Gears and not with her.

If its the animal skins they’re not in the game until the next update

As for the San Diego skins I obtained all of the immediately except for the markza & enforcer because they had a problem but got those two literally a day after the event

Hello and tech issues do happen, but they were vastly resolved… All the San Diego skins have been issued to all the players that were having issues on that Friday. if not there is a thread: Missing Gears Esports Weapon Skins? Post here!

But claims are taken very seriously and make sure to read the original post.

As for the Animal Skins they are not in game yet and will arrive with the next title update as stated on the Watch and Win page, and on twitter…

I will be closing this, thank you.