Pathetic rank update, TC, SHAME

You must don’t play the game i guess lmfao. What about doing MVP, winning 2-1 and enemy team is advantaged by 10.000pts and i earn ZERO? Happened to me several times since update. In this case, i underperformed you mean ?? Good logic Hahaha…

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‘i must dont’? Lol.

It remembers from previous games too and MVP means nothing if it was a close win. Just because enemy team is advantaged it doesn’t mean winning is always enough.

If the score was out of 10, maybe you were ranked 9 and was put with a rank 1 player. The enemy team was 5 and 5. Predictions should be that youre wiping the floor and/or carrying your team. If it was close or you lose a round it can mean big losses. Thats why the system isnt great, because its TOO accurate.

Mustn’t* im french sorry. System is completely broken anyway. Can’t wait to see how the new one will look like.

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