Pathetic rank update, TC, SHAME

I am wordless. TC releashed the latest rank update yesterday, they literally rolled out a previous rank update that broke more the rank system now. I mean, before yesterday you statistically won more positive points by a win than the ABSOLUT FRUSTATING ZERO PTS. Now ? You literally can win 3, 4 or 5 games in a row and do each zero pts, even u did a DECENT perform. Furthermore, even if you won against a team which was advantaged in points, and you decently performed, you very likely can win ZERO pts… I mean, the times you did a well performance, you likely win ZERO STUPID pts for the win or just get like RIDICULOUS 20-30pts… TC Explicitly said they have nothing to do with it by now until the HYPOTHETIC new entire rank update wich will be releashed maybe when the world will end ??? By now, they have left us with another piece of cr.ap which is more broken than before… I CLAP for your amazing work TC and passion.

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I don’t think crap is censored

I also read this in the joker’s voice and it was amazing


It’s also quite commonly released, far earlier than it should be

That or I should maybe see a doctor…

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Although I don’t play ranked I’m getting tired of all the posts whining about rank, so I came up with a solution. Here’s my plan: win or lose, everyone in the match gets a billion points and immediately goes up to diamond or titan or whatever the hell is highest. Problem solved, everyone gets a participation trophy for highest rank, and no one needs ever go on this forum to whine about rank. And tc, I’m available if you need solutions for other ■■■■ people whine about.


Problem solved ppl

Move along

Nothing to see here


That actually did happen at the beginning of OP3 and it was glorious

I think that is the IT clown be definitely jokers voice fits LoL

Please rephrase that

I figured you seen his profile picture so you assume it was the joker? Maybe I’m reading to much into it.

It’s confirmed to be broken. A new one is in the works. Deal with it.


Fixed :sunglasses:

Then they should stop changing how it works until the new one is ready. It messes with people and a lot of people don’t like change. Especially gear heads.


Understood. But I think they made this recent change for the benefit of people (as much as possible given it’s broken).

It does seem that way. It just made it take a little longer to rank up the ladder if your high ranked. I think alot of these complaints are coming from mid ranked players because their performances vary the most so they are used to seeing big gains and smaller losses.

Someone like me at the top of the lower ranked players has more bad than good performances with very rare great performances playing solo. It seems to work better for the bottom and top now but the middle of the pack is still seeing small gains with wins and bigger losses than the wins can make up for even for a good performance.

I have stopped going way up into the lower gold teir for poor performance wins and I am also gaining less when I win after a team mate quits with a good performance. I still get deranked by a lot when the team that I played against was supposed to win by a very large point difference which is the real problem with the ranking system that really needs addressed asap.

As a mid level or low level player being put in a match where the opposing team is favored to win by those lower level players total skill points ,5000 to 12000 points, then that low level player should not lose 1600 skill points for a poor performance against much higher ranked players.

I have been in those matches and can confirm that even being far out matched in skill the game will still treat the low level and high level players as equal in the match because the low level guys skill score adds up to close enough to put the low level guy in the match as fast as the matchmaking system can.

I do what I can and just try and not waste lives even sometimes manage to kill the top player in those matches but still get a huge point loss, I am assuming because of the point spread, because I have the lowest score in the lobby by quite a lot.

I could understand the big derank if the game showed people’s rank on the scoreboard and I could see that it was because there was someone else in the lobby close to my rank that did a lot better than I did. The gears of war 4 system was great after I finally figured out how to decipher the information and they told us that it only ranked players to the next highest tier at certain times.

The only thing I really want the new system to do is show me that I was expected to perform at this level compared to everybody else but this is how I actually performed compared to everybody else I was matched up with. Especially if everyone still insists on a more performance based ranking system. Then hopefully everyone can see why they went up or down in rank and stop complaining about how broken it is.

They’ve stated NUMEROUS times that they will be giving the ranking system a complete overhaul. The current updates were band-aid’s just to keep things going until they’re done. Does anyone read these update notes, What’s Ups, etc. anymore or do people skim them and read only what they wanna see?

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More reasons to stay away from this game :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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TC re rolled back to the older system based on feedback,

Frankly the ‘newer artificial points’ system didnt improve that much because even though you got given points for every win, in games where you should have had 0 the system remembered. Meaning people reported losing entire ranks/tiers from just a single loss.

The rank system has been explained a lot of times that currently its too exact, thats the problem. When you get 0 points its the game telling you that you underperformed, win or lose. 0 points is the game protecting you from losing points.

So honestly when i read from your thread all i see is that youre constantly being carried and gaining 0 points per win.

Anything other than the displayed rank and the actual behind-the-scenes rank being exactly the same is terrible.

TC has openly said during the early days of Gears 4 that the only reason these 2 rankings aren’t the same is to provide an incentive for people to spend more time playing ranked. So, you know, a tedious grind.

News flash, guys. If people don’t want to play ranked after a certain point, it is in everyone’s best interest that you don’t provide a fake incentive for them to continue.

There are other things you can do to get people to play ranked every season. High XP and scrap rewards for each tier in each mode seems like an obvious choice. Higher progression on a match-per-match basis is also a good idea. A fake grind to a ranking the system knows you’ve already achieved last week? That’s despicable.

While we’re at it, Tour Medals should not include ranked modes. The quitting problem in ranked is bad enough as it is, you do not want people who would normally never touch ranked playing it to complete some stupid FOMO grind.