Patch Notes - July 13th, 2020

Operation 4 Patch Notes


RIP Hijacked weapons




Lizzie :eyes:

  • Replaced Movement Speed perk with Damage perk.
  • Replaced Damage Cooldown perk with Ammo Capacity perk.


This is the detail level w ehave been aksing for :slight_smile:


Lahni buffs are nice, the rest is terrible as expected.


Wow. Erm. I wasnt expecting that.

Speaking for the PvE changes, I like them a lot. Some people won’t like the JD changes but I thought TC were going to nerf him a lot more than I expected.

I expected a Cole nerf and nothing changed, because of recent events in game, I like that.


Great PvE changes. Lizzie & Cole about to take over. Clayton holy he got huge buff that was needed.


Ok so I read the notes.

Boo for nerfing JD further. TC you are weak and give in to every little cry from the crowd.

I want my scrap back for upgrading razor hail.

Most of the changes are positive.

I suspect we will see something not in the notes.

Power drain mutator may be problematic.


8 shot gnasher <3

I look forward to the new rank system as well!

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So… here’s the only question I have - because most of this is great -… where’s the mention of clarifying the description of Sisters To The End? It doesn’t appear to provide a 200% bonus as the skill says and I didn’t read anything about it in Lizzie’s balancing section.

The Swarm better find some low ceilings to hide under if that Dropshot skill for her turns out to be worth something.

Minor nitpick : Kait’s fur on her Winter variant still is looking bleach white as opposed to the other Winter skins.

Also, we now have three users with the same Kait gamerpic… I sense inbound confusion.


JD has been nerfed to pulps…Oh boy!

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I don’t think that is a nerf to pulps… well, unless your Razor Hail still is Level 1 like mine after the Operation goes live. I certainly find he carries a strong punch even with 20% bleed.

That’s what you call a surgical nerf

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All sounds great, except there is no mention of the chainsaw bug being fixed which means either

a) they don’t know about it
b) they haven’t had time to fix it, or don’t know how they broke it
c) they intended it to work this way to punish players for chainsawwing too much



It’s 5 but still way too much nerf there

I guess we can chainsaw Sires now.

For the few that carry a lancer.


I guess. Don’t have much of a reason to personally care as I tend to play without JD nowadays nor use him.

I do hope the cooldown bug fix mentioned on the Silverback also fixes the issue for the Tri-Shot because it didn’t just affect the Mulcher and happened when you had Tri-Shot + Salvo or Mulcher + salvo and not just Tri and Mulcher at the same time.

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