Patch notes and timing

Do we know what time the patch notes are going to drop today?


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Short and sweet answer. Not even a need for a fullstop! :smiley:


Sometimes less is more.

Most likely after 3pm EST.

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“we dont talk about future content”


After it is released, wait for people to play it, and then watch the forums for threads written by people complaining about the changes - that’s the ONLY way you’ll get a COMPLETE list of what’s changed. TC NEVER (NEVER, EVER) includes EVERY change in their notes, even when the changes have significant impact on the existing game play.


TC has been a bit more transparent recently, so lets hope that this time they include everything that has been changed


The clowns already have it ready they just need to push a button.


So true.

I always come here to find out the full details for a few days after release.

Sometimes it’s just unintended consequences of messing with code.

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They said the list of balances and fixes is really long, and that if they had spoken about them on a stream they’d have run out of time! Perhaps that was hyperbole, but I imagine that this time, they’re going to be pretty detailed.

Hopefully we’ll hear by 3pm Pacific, as that’s 11pm in the UK and I’m bloody shattered already and want to sleep!


6pm est I’m getting worried

No, this is just TC. They’ve ALWAYS been this late on Monday with news posts for weeks or months now.


Hope it comes with a trailer but I know it won’t.

They really like to dangle that carrot over our heads.


They have like 1 1/2 hrs before their office would close. All in due time.

At the worst, we will get an announcement to look out for the announcement tomorrow.


I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s always something with TC

It’s getting slightly frustrating. It’s like they deliberately pushed off releasing these patch notes all the way up to the end of the day. All I want is to read those damn notes and get some sleep in.

Like, seriously. How difficult is it to write a patch notes post?


I hear u.
When u boil it down we are their customers; and as such we should be put on a pedestal, and at the forefront of everything they do.