Patch causing fps drop

as the title states issues with fps getting 25 frames everything set on low… however last night and earlier on today before the patch i was running all ULTRA smooth as butter!

whats the crack???

my drivers are up to date. so don’t know what else to do =(

thanks for reading.


I have the exact same issue dude ! I hope they fix this soon… my game ran so smooth before.

its ■■■■■■■ bull, i have tried everything still trying ■■■■ now. its such a shame i was having a lot of fun.

I had something similar after a Windows update, I went to Geforce experience selected re-install with clean install and that stabilised the fps for me

TC do clever adaptation that drops the res if its not making 60fps To find out the true fps for your card bench with both vsync and min framerate off. I settled at 1440p for my 1080ti which looks great upscaled to 4K and doesnt need the adaptive.

There’s plenty of GPU related threads here now which is good - biut its a shame mods dont merge and sticky them and get some answers from TC or NV

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I reinstalled the GPU drivers and its running at 65+ fps thank you !