Past phantom skins given away during EGL's Gears Open livestream

For those that not aware, but this weekend is the EGL Gears Open - Liverpool, so make sure to tune in to watch, if your interested in watching live competitive gears play.

Also it seems like phantom skins is being given away today. I tuned in late but so far I seen the emerald phantom retro lancer and now the overkill been handed out. Not sure if there was other skins given out before I tuned in but I’ll try to find out.


skins given out so far

  • Pink Phantom Longshot
  • Phantom Emerald Retro Lancer
  • Phantom Emerald Overkill
  • Pink Phantom Gnasher

DAY 2:

  • Phantom Emerald boltok
  • Phantom Emerald enforcer
  • Phantom Emerald torque bow
  • Phantom emerald Longshot
  • Phantom emerald Markza

I just clicked your link and I was able to claim a Pink Phantom Gnasher

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Me too

Dude, for real? I’ve been clicking and clicking and ain’t got anything. I thought once the live stream was over you couldn’t get any more skins. So idk how you got lucky enough to get one way after it was over. If so, good for you.

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Skin redemption was working fine all day, however note that the event continues tomorrow and so they’ll be more skins to claim.

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Thanks for the heads up bro. But I already know all that. I was tryin to point out to that one guy claiming he got a skin way after the live stream was over was impossible. But again thanks.

Oh its possible, Grexoz usually leaves the quest open to claim for 5 minutes after the stream ends.

yes thx man

So far today
Emerald boltok… which I missed :frowning:
Emerald enforcer
Emerald torque bow

Just got emerald torque. Not bad considering it’s my first ever Phantom skin lol. Wonder what else they will give out today.

So far i got the pink phantom gnasher and emerald torque bow

Now is emerald longshot

Cheers, kept track of all of em except Boltok so far. Op updated.

I believe this may be the last skin for the day. Not certain though.

Emerald markza up

We can’t destroy duplicates ! Arrg… :disappointed_relieved:

yeah thats unfortunate, but apparently TC can also remove all our duplicates so we have only 1 lol.

Anyway today was a good stream, just wish nuclear skin set got some love. Phantom returned way too many times.

Personally I didn’t have any phantom emerald… now I have 7/14…
Managed to get half the set in 1 week lol.
just wish I hadn’t missed the boltok…

Already have full pink.
Only need embar and enforcer on regular phantom.
Nuclear I think I’m just missing lancer

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Has the original phantom skin ever returned? Don’t ever remember seeing them come back and that’s the main set I want.

Yeah they did earlier this year through the Fight Night events. I think sone skins may even have returned two additional times (so were available on three occasins including the first time).

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Damn I only remember seeing the green and pinks this year. Wish I had known about the originals. Would have loved to complete that set.