Past game skins

I really believe that there should be a way to carry over past game skins that everyone worked hard for or even bought don’t see why this wasn’t done

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Nah. GOW4 is GOW4. GOW5 is GOW5.

Besides many of the old skins simply don’t exist in GOW5 anyway so if this were to happen TC would need to port or recreate them, which they won’t do. Especially not at this stage.

Plus, it’s not like we truly had to work for many of them. It was mostly RNG packs anyway. And once games start giving us old versions of customisation skins for each new game, where does it stop? It’s all extra work for the developer to do and they’re getting no revenue from it; and it’s work that they need to do which prevents them from doing other things. I’d rather that we get more maps and campaign DLC over customisation skins.

There is a way for TC to port skins directly over, but they won’t be as high-quality as the ones made specifically for GOW5. At least not without extra work done. This is mostly due to GOW5 using a more advanced programme for what is referred to as “rod physics” - basically the way the physics of hair, cloth, belt straps, knife sheaths etc move. GOW5 is much more advanced in that regard. Some of the earlier skins from the earlier operations like the Kantus, were not direct ports from a previous game. They had a fair bit of extra work done on them to bring them up to GOW5’s standards (the entire mouth and tendrils were redone apparently, as well as parts of their armour).

Anyway, this is besides the point. TC have stopped supporting GOW5 so we won’t be getting any new customisation items aside from what they’ve already completed (which is waiting to be released based on their schedule).

To be honest, I’m glad that TC decided to focus more on original new skins rather than just bringing back old skins like say, V-Day Dom/Cole/Baird; or UIR Elite; or Outsider JD and Del. It’s been nicer to see them create more newer skin themes like the Hivebuster, Winter and/or Desert ones. We can debate which ones look good and bad, but it’s fresh and new at least.


This is why we lost escape support, TC simply didnt/dont have the staff to do this kind of thing, id rather play with basic skins and (same as you) have more support for maps/dlc.

Hopefully escape is kept for gears6 with full support.

i want this one back

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I’d prefer a new one based on Hollow Storm Tai to be honest. Gotta love that mighty shoulder pauldron!

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thats Gears 2 Tai to me

Hollow Storm rolls off the tongue better.

But to eaches own.

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Gears 2 Tai