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Pass the torch?

Anyone else think that it is now time

For Microsoft to pay Rod ferg and Ryan Cleven the handsome amount they need to finally retire, so that we now…can go back to the drawing boards, go back to the roots of gears of war…and to finally get developers who will listen to the fans…


It wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, specially at the part of developers who will listen to fans,

This game surely needs to have suggestions ( which most of us have given to TC) in order to make it better .


I agree tc has had two games to get it right and they managed to fail for the most and just keep doing their own thing, plus I don’t like how they tonned down the violence far less blood compared to the other gears


I find that Gears 3 it way more gory than 5 , it almost feels like a real battle.


I agree like when you see someone chainsaw someone and just loaaads of blood would splatter like in the air and that personally it was one of the aspects that made it gears


i said it yesterday. MS needs to get rid of TC and pay Cliffy B whatever he wants to come back and take over the franchise. Let him hire his own people.


correct, and also the feeling that you have plenty ammunitions to go around and you just play it like rambo detroying everything in its path, that sensation I long missed it on 4 and in 5 .

I remember when on 3 on horde if you shoot something it actually got destroyed, in 5 I shoot anything and it just doest do anything at all. Its those kind of things that makes Gears of war special.

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I think Cliff would make a truly Tour de Force Gears of War and shows us that Gears 6 it’s the game to beat .
Completely agree, I hope some changes happens soon enough.


I think this team is too incompetent to come out and admit their mistakes in both entries this series.

I think it would be a friendly goodbye to just offer them a decent sum of money to walk away…


I honestly don’t know what is good for the franchise anymore. It’s def been thrown through the ringer tho. I would like to see more new, but def not in the direction of gears 5.

I’d be fine if it were given to someone else as sad as that sounds. I love gears. I def don’t like the way it’s been handled though.


Nah, let them finish 6 so that we can have some closure on the story and than MS can retire the franchise for a century or two and have them work on a mobile game or something.


A mobile game?? Don’t mean to be rude but that sounds like a horrible idea

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I mean the last post made by the devs was almost a month ago and they only post stuff on twitter while neglecting the forums for critical feedback as they assume most of it is hate. Which they are not wrong but the more you neglect the more worse it gets.

One that note.



I hope so. TC shouldn’t be left in charge of this franchise anymore after this mess. But they will be and Gears will ultimately suffer.

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I mean even TC can’t screw up a mobile game. :rofl: Plus they do have experience in making games full of microtransactions, so half the battle is done on their end.



haha YES!! Make cliffy B the heart and soul of gears of war again. It’s just not the same anymore


That made me laugh :joy::joy: well there full of surprises so I wouldn’t be so shocked :joy: very good point there minimal effort

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Yes!! Im sure Cliff will be back eventually

So why does everyone here constantly praise Cliffy B? I’ve never understood this, I thought everyone use to hate him around the Gears 3&J timeframes?