Party ques need to be separate

I’m aware of that. I just talking in general for most shooters.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Firstly, I’d say that party communication transcends merely using game/ voice comms, but rather goes further when teams are used to each others play styles, calls and general rhythms. Secondly, to address your point about team quality I’d have to disagree with your axiom

“From what I see the majority of objections deal with being a solo player, teamed up with BAD team mates, going against a team of GOOD players. That has nothing to do with solo vs team. It has all to do with team mates.”

One of the marks of a good solo queue player is adaptability to the variables of their given team. Thus the randomization of a solo competitive environment present different challenges with varying teams. Stacking a team of 5 completely eliminates such variables and actually is detrimental to a competitive environment because it adds a linearity to climbing ranks. For example 5 mechanically gifted players dont have to advance their macro knowledge to win etc. I agree with your statement that people shouldn’t complain that they have to play as a team but most serious players simply are not saying such things. By your own admission and by the fact that it occurs it is undeniable that having a full team greatly spikes the winrate of those participating. If gears wants to remain a pub stomp party game its fine and completely warranted, look at the success of call of duty, however many others would like to see it flourish into an actual e-sport. To do so one must look to far more successful e-sports titles like League of Legends, Counterstrike etc. and learn some lessons. It is for these reasons that RANKED 5’s simply must be its own queue.

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you shouldnt always have to play as a stacked team… i like to solo it sometimes and it is obnoxious to play against a stacked team… im not gonna go play social because of i

if r=the ranking system didnt depend on how well of a team you are maybe we could play with decent people. i get put with the worst teamates if i dont play stacked.

I agree with you this is way i have stopped playing ranked games because of 5 men stack team and All my friends stopped playing also tc need to solve this issue

solo ranked matchmaking would be great, hopefully get better matchmaking results too. sick of trying to rank up with a few casual players to be thrown into a stacked team of onyx and diamonds. goodbye my already terrible k/d.

ranked teams you should need to find your own team and matchmake with another based on team rank. not a clusterluck of calculations of players “trueskill” rank mashed together and throen on a random server.

I agree, some people don’t have the luxury or time to set up for premades, they need a solo lobby only where everyone is random. Running into premades takes the fun out of the game and obviously the team with randoms is put at a disadvantage.

No doubt this would make the majority of the community happy and attract more players to rank.