Party ques need to be separate

I never understood why party ques are allowed against solo que. Skill goes out the window and party que has the upper hand immediately, being forced to party for MM is not right here.


It’s not fair, but it’s the way of the future.
Coordinated teamwork takes skill

That’s fine and i’m not against it however when your forced to queue as a team for any type of MM I think that in itself is a problem. You get stacked squads even popping in social, I mean really now.

It is a problem that’s why they should have a separate playlist for teams. Social should allow no more than a party of two.

I disagree that it’s “not fair” when you have the same opportunity they do. Playing with a group means you have to maintain friendships, use teamwork, get along when things get heated, etc. They put more effort into it than you’re willing to. Don’t hate on them for it.


I understand teamwork, but sometimes you just want to play solo and it’s not fun when you go up against a team that stomps on you.

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You dont seem to understand what i’m saying, im not against or “HATING” on premades what im saying is to even play this game requiring a team to play because you’re forced since solo gets stomped is a problem. Team queue should be separate, why should you have the upperhand without fear against playing other premades. Premades should only play against premade teams, period.
And with your logic you should be queuing for competitive play if anything.

That’s what competitive play is about. Using every possible advantage. They have 2 types of social play for those who want to just have fun. People want to have everything catered to them though.

They can’t do what you’re asking. What are they going to have? A singles lobby, duos, trios, quads, and quints? Just not enough players online for that. If they compromise, Someone will complain that it’s unfair to them or doesn’t suit what they want.

I’m not trying to censor your request. Nor am I not hearing you like you claim. If wins are that important to you, you should really squad up because this game is unlikely to change. Maybe 5 will get enough players to support this.

Me: Hey lets have a discussion about solo vs teams
@Me0wMix_CatFood : Hostile! Destroy!

/sigh, its not about winning, damn how hard can it be to understand that being overwhelm with tryhard plays over and over especially since its double xp. It gets annoying after awhile being forced to premade.

This quote

If you aren’t grown up enough to handle opposing opinions, please do your best to ignore me and stop following me around the forum.

The fact that you need to spam threads by quoting yourself regularly indicates you are frustrated that you aren’t being heard. Well, I’m not going to give you that attention you need. This is my last response to you for a while.

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As usual you missed the point completely.(which I’m not surprised)
I’m telling the op that having a discussion with you is like having a discussion with a swarm drone you ain’t going to accomplish anything.So I’ll reiterate my point

This quote.
p.s Don’t put yourself on a pedestal.We’re both frequent forum users who sometime read and respond on the same thread.

Well, how I read this is this: Yes, I know this is a TEAM sport/activity, but sometimes I don’t want that, and I want to play a bunch of individual 1v1s. And it’s annoying when the other side wont cooperate with that.

I would rather play solo with team work minded team mates than in a squad with solo minded team mates.

I have no problem playing solo against groups, as long as my team mates don’t leave and actually know how to play that game mode (usually koth).
I play in squads mostly to prevent randoms quitting or AFKing on us.
We frequently hsve good fights on our hands, against a bunch of (good) solo players…

I agree in part. A full party has a distinct competitive advantage and Competitive 5’s should be its own queue. The essence of a competitive game is that each team is on an equal and fair playing ground and that in game performance should determine the outcome of a match. If Gears wants to make a commitment to making multiplayer more competitive and thus expanding the e-sports scene then a distinction between solo/duo queue and ranked 5’s must be made. Although gears is a team game the ladder is meant to demonstrate how good a player is personally and e-sports is to determine how good teams are. With this said player population is still an issue. I’d suggest that at the highest level (diamond+) premades should still not be allowed in a solo queue but if lower rating players are struggling to find matchs then premades could be allowed into solo queue with the added principle that the premade will face higher rated players to compensate for the increased coordination that comes with being a premade. (ex. Silver teams vs gold solos etc.). Social should be any amount of premades as its just for fun.

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I never understood how his buddy from Peru and GF from Vietnam can pass all the matchmaking filters and join ANY lobby… Nonsense ping difference isn’t for online play at least not Gears.


Again. I disagree.

What’s the difference between solo and team?

Party communication? Solo players can use game chat. I do it all the time.

From what I see the majority of objections deal with being a solo player, teamed up with BAD team mates, going against a team of GOOD players. That has nothing to do with solo vs team. It has all to do with team mates.

Bronze team mates wont play like onyx just because they are in a squad and onyx wont play like bronze just because they are solo.

I see LFG posts looking for every game mode, all the time. It is not that hard to find a team to play with (north america evening time).

Stop complaining that you need to be in a TEAM to be competative in a TEAM sport!

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Social has a maximum party size of two. The only time I’ve seen it expanded to five is during special tunings and events.

(shakes head)