Pandemic XP event

I’ve read some adult sites are apparently giving people free access during the corona pandemic since so many people are staying/working from home. Other companies are doing special things for their users as well.

Is it too much to ask TC give everyone double XP across the board until this thing is over?


They most likely won’t do anything because it’s TC. Also, because they gave away boost almost every day for like two weeks before Operation 3 dropped.

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Yeah, but this boost is normal and was done before the pandemic.

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I think the most we could hope for is a 2x Escape weekend or something like that.

For sure but even better would be everything across the board. Shows how out of touch they are.

In support of rona victims we are giving a double xp weekend in gridiron, retweet us to be apart of a raffle that can earn you a scary cool gears pop statue.

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Who cares. Thts the least if their issue honestly

The sabatour was a work of art, greatly underrated gem on the 360.

I played that game and loved it.

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I saw a full walkthrough. Very moody art style.

“Read” no shame in using those sites

They should really give xp boosts but they won’t so they can pimp out more boost

I thought this the other day actually since Halo 5 are giving out free legendary bounties each week. Im unsure if its double but they also have a perm xp multipler on going.

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They could do so many cool things,yet they can’t even keep their servers working.

Just look at all the recent threads with people asking for “lost” skins. They could cash in on that, but
nope, they’re busy sitting on their ■■■■■.

Heck, my mobile carrier has been giving extra data to watch movies, etc. I know other companies are doing different things.

Again, TC is out of touch.


What do you mean that boost is normal? Boost has always been 2x XP. It wasn’t truly planned to even give us boost, but it was due to Operation 3 being delayed which played right into the pandemic timeline. I would make sure you’re following your timeline properly as 2 weeks before March 31st was shortly AFTER it started in the United States.

Pretty sure the delay for Operation 3 was also announced at least a few weeks before the whole virus mess started up, so I wouldn’t think the Boost was planned as something for the pandemic but rather played into it well. But could be wrong, I don’t remember the specific reason for why they did that again.

Having said that, I sure wouldn’t mind an XP boost on top of what Boost gives for Reup XP. Would at least make that progression slightly more bearable while they’re still looking into reducing the requirements for them.

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Does the timeline really matter? Who cares? Bottom line is, they’re still not doing anything special for us stuck at home.

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What fan service outside of skins has TC done? They dropped the ball on a charity skin.