Panahu, what happened to it TC? Is it being looked at?

Nah, it’s a good map, from a design pov. It just needs layout Improvements.

don’t know why this map couldn’t be revised into something better.

how many times did Lift get altered?

Have they even fixed the shutters for PvP yet?

Not to mention, we had dupe maps of reclaimed, forge, harbour in 4

“Good Map”

– there’s plenty of good maps to be remade,

Panahu ranks as one of the worst ever in the series.

As a PvP player I’d probably agree. As a PvE player I disagree.

I’d rather sit in front of a grey wall than play PvE :wink:

And I’d rather play PvP in a game where it’s worth it. Gameplay in this one is just getting worse every time (doesn’t even match anything at all with PvE gameplay anymore) and I mean the ranking system… that’s probably the worst I’ve seen in a decade. That’s not even a ranking system to me.


I agree,

I’d rather look at a blue wall than play PvP right now.


Which wall looks better - blue or white? :smiley:

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Blue is my favourite colour :slight_smile::blue_heart:

That map is horrible, played a couple koth matches when it first went into rotation, it was not that fun it’s too damn big

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Great question. You’d think they’d be looking to maximize everything they’ve got. It’s a real shame we don’t have a map with the hammer of dawn in it.

Need I remind the thread of Gears 1 & Gears 2 maps where we could glitch our way out of basically every map fairly easily?

Let’s not pretend we’re game developers here.

No, I’m not, never did and looking at some of the working conditions in game development, I’m glad I’m an MD.
But I do have extensive experience with mapping in older UE and idTech titles and we’ve used UE here at our University for our anatomical modelling rendering until we switched to Lumberyard a few years ago.
That collision detection glitching still happens in this game too, so those six months level development time clearly don’t help remove it.

So how about you don’t pretend to know what someone else is capable of.

I’m sorry, isn’t that specifically what you’re doing?

I can’t say for certain on the six months part because I don’t work there. But I trust the word of the people making the game over someone who has experience mapping things in a similar engine. I assume your university did its mapping with pre-rendered assets that they either received with the development tools or bought in bulk, then plugged those assets in and called it a day. Making these things from scratch from concept art is not comparable to what you described.

To be clear, I’m not defending the current rate of maps. If it takes six months for a map, they should accommodate with a different development schedule to cycle more people into working on maps. And as the development team’s bulk has obviously moved onto Gears 6 by now, correcting the process this late in the game’s life cycle just isn’t a possibility unless Microsoft deems Gears 5 worthy of extending past its original scheduled content. I think this ultimately is a failing of the decision to focus on tiles for Escape instead of traditional maps, which accounted for the lowest map total at launch since Gears 1 and a slower drip feed than the game immediately preceding this one. My hope is that they don’t make that mistake again with Gears 6.

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Except The Coalition already has a history in proving otherwise. They basically contradicted themselves in that statement.
So you can’t convince me that these developers can’t create these maps in shorter time than six months.
The talent is very much there, we all know it, even if this map isn’t that great. Ups and downs are natural.
The only thing you could convince me of is that management indeed decided against allocating the resources for it and that they’re working on something else.