Panahu, what happened to it TC? Is it being looked at?

We were told time and time again that we are scrapping tiles (which killed off escape mode) to create maps, maps that take 6 months. Mentioned hundreds of times, 6 months it takes to make a map. So Panahu launches and it’s an open no mans land field, ok.

I can live with that, it changes the way the game is played just like how Rooftops used to play very differently to canals, or tyro station. Each map has a theme, I like that. Now if players want to play it when it appears in the voting list, they can pick it, if they don’t they won’t. Whats the issue?

The team decided Panahu was “so bad” it needed to be taken out of the game, so the question remains, what’s been done. Have you added new GEO to the map to make it a more fun experience, changed the weapons on the map, kept it them same?

It took 6 months to make and its just been scrapped for KOTH the most placed mode, seems like a huge waste of time. Personally I like Panahu, I think with some tweeks it could be superb, Two caves either side, a big treeline in the middle to hide clear skyes and we could have hammers on the map. A modern day take on rooftops, or adding some geo to make it more close and cover based in the center while removing the long range weapons on the map to make it less rifle heavy.

So my question is, what is being done with Panahu and are you tweaking any other maps? Like foundation, the defending team shouldn’t get shocks too.


If it’s still in rotation for horde, I doubt much is being done to it atm. If it was a full rework, it’d be down for all playlists (I assume) but since it’ll likely have small changes, I wouldn’t expect much of it other than weapon/spawn changes.

It’s just not a popular PvP map, so I bet it was just removed from rotation til a later date with no big changes to it. I could be wrong but that’s what I assume.

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Should remake most maps now that it’s 4vs4 and characters are moving slower. “blitz” versions. especially Bunker and Panahu.

Making a map shouldn’t take 6 months. I know developers can be very perfectionistic in their work, but that timeframe is nonsense, unless there is something wrong at TC.
Back in the original Unreal/UT days, I did some maps for myself to play in less than a week, just poorly textured using the default set with adjustments to be made in the following weeks.
The level geometry and fun to play factor is most important. Making the new textures and models to dress the map and give it a unique feel should come after that fun factor has been established. Most people will map with assets from the base game anyway.
With current levels of detail, I’d estimate maps shouldn’t even take half that time and we wouldn’t have had Pahanu like it is in the first place, because it doesn’t feel like a Gears map. It’s beautiful, but I think TC’s design philosophy might just be faulty.

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You didn’t mention anything about dynamic spawns and interworking AI paths. E.g. if you take Horde with all the big AI that has to move around and spawn somewhere without clipping through objects or you yourself not clipping through any cough Jack for instance cough. I’m pretty sure it takes quite some time to balance a map properly.

Just placing objects and walking around is the easy stuff. Balancing it to make a fair game (PvP) and making sure everything spawns properly, can move around and fire bullets properly (PvE) with all the classes and cards stuff they implemented, that’s a whole other story.

Now I’m not saying 6 months is what we should be looking at, but one week would be waaay too optimistic. In this type of game, I would expect a map between 1-3 months depending on complexity and symmetry.

@Z_i_i Your thread might be Veraus based. Pahanu is still there in Quickplay and obviously Horde. I assume for Ranked it just wasn’t balanced enough (too large) but for Horde (besides tap spawns) it’s actually a fun map to play and hardly requires a rework in my opinion.


Which are all part of the rough design process I described. If you properly do playtesting during that phase and see what works and what doesn’t, you can make quick alterations without affecting the much more laborious design work afterwards.
But we arrive at the same time conclusion anyway…6 months is just too long and half of that should be achievable.
Pahanu feels like it was developed in reverse. They wanted to make a cool looking jungle map that happens to work decently in horde (not when you deploy fortifications), but not much else.

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Yep I’d agree.

If they are unfortunately sticking with 4v4 any brand new maps should be catered for just that, so a lot smaller.

I do like Bunker and I don’t actually mind Pahanu but they’re utterly boring 4v4.

I don’t know anything about map design and what not but 6 months seems an absolutely ridiculous time scale does it not? Surely not healthy for the game.

The horrendous current state of this game can be separated in three ways.

1-TC 60% of the blame
2-And the 40% it’s for the community
3-And from the last one 39.9% are the only gnasher guys

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I only have 3 maps on my ranked games


plz tell me how to unlock more maps plz


Lol ain’t wrong if you add blood drive too, the rotations are laughable

I know as we all do feel there’s still not enough maps on this game but my god they make it feel like we have about 4.

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The reason for it taking such a long time is because it has to work for PVP and PVE.
Horde has a lot of different Enemy AI’s that have to be able to navigate the layout. And be able to find cover etc.
Then you have the Bosses, different variants that behave differently and have different sizes.

For PVP they have to check the covers and balance the angles( where the players can shoot and look) and see that the grenades land on the ground and not disappears through it.

Then they have to add the environment. And check so that nothing has flickering… .Holes that the players and AI can fall through or get stuck in.

Therefore they came up with the idea to reuse assets. However, we have not seen that yet. For example, use the 3d assets such as covers and make a new layout of a map such as Foundation. Still, a lot of testing has to be done for a map like this.

Oh yeah I’m not disputing the fact there’s a lot of work to be done more so regarding testing but 6 months is a rough amount of time to get solid content in. Hopefully they’ve got a good amount of teams working on it now they’ve pretty much abandoned Escape. We are talking gears of war here, still a massive Xbox title I do struggle to accept certain excuses.

I know we as a community don’t mind a few gears 4 map ports but god I do personally crave fresh new stuff or the least gears 1/2/3 maps remastered like river. TC did a good job there.

Not every map should mandatorily work on both PvE and PvP, IMO. Many maps designs just aren’t suited for it. Not every PvP map is as fun to play in every PvP mode either. Which is why I’m saying their design philosophy is wrong if it takes 6 months and they end up with a map that is beautiful to look at, but barely works well in only one or two modes.

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Panahu should be deleted from the game.

It’s absolutely terrible.

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I played this map on FFA a few days ago and it was TERRIBLE. The whole game was literally roadie running towards a player and gib him before you died to someone else doing the exact same thing.

But they are not going to rework it dude, It’s been 10 months since the map was released.

Oh, and bring back the old tuning!

It looks so cool but it plays so badly. I can’t think of any game mode that would benefit from a map of this size. Is it bigger than the FFA maps?

I think an exception should be made for pahanu. It’s a good looking map but it needs to be slightly remade.

It’s hard to compare considering that all FFA maps are close quarters. The problem with this map is not just the size, it’s the fact that is very open and doesn’t add very interesting gameplay.

When i first saw it it was in a koth game and i hated it immediately.

It’s like they took a COD sniper map, loaded it full of power weapons, and threw it into Gears… Stupid angular covers, long open line of sights, huge, enemies spawning all around you, etc, etc…

Wasnt bad as a Horde map. Hated it every one of the few times i played it in PvP.