Palace Guard's voice needs to be pitched deeper not slower

Just a small rant I have. Very happy the Palace Guard is playable in Gears 4 and they’re my favorite Swarm side character to play as. For future reference though I do wish his voice was like it was in Gears 2 and 3 where it was the Theron’s voice but just with a deeper pitch.

Example: Original PG voice

But what TC has done was just slow the voice down like so: Gears 4 voice

In multiplayer it’s annoying to hear the Palace Guard saying one of his lines for it just to be stretched out for too long because it’s too slowed down where it should be just as long as when a regular Theron says the same line.

This can be also said with the Savage characters as well. They didn’t just pitch it deeper, they slowed it down so you get the same effect.

Maybe a fix in the future? Would be appreciated.